Revised Legacy/Outback

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This is a 2007 model for japan.
But not sure yet if it will come her as a 2007 or 2008. (I don’t see why this would be a 2008…)

They didn’t really need to change anything, but it does make it a bit more aggressive.
I hope the Outback interior keeps the wood & metal finish it has now.

At least they didn’t put the Tribeca nose on it…

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  1. Just some good freshening at a good time. Subaru makes some very fine automobiles, but I rarely see one on the road. Maybe if I lived in Vermont or Maine instead.

  2. I rented an Outback wagon on a trip to Tahoe recently…I was Very impressed with the overall design and quality of the vehicle. The thing was like a tank driving through the snow! I tried but couldn’t make it lose traction and slip around. If I lived in the snow belt, I would most definitely drive a Subie!

  3. BS! Subaru stinks. We have a 02 Forester with nothing but problem.
    I had to replace the fu**ing tank which took a lot out of my pocket.
    When I call Subaru they offered me $500.00 toward a new one. Can any one believe that shit?
    S= Stinking
    U= Ugly
    B= Backward
    A= Ass
    R= recking
    S= Shit

  4. you would have to be a subuaru enthusiast to know the difference between these cars….comeon this actually deserved a space, so many cars are trashed here for having makeovers that barely look like they changed, than this just gets good things….total japanese bias

  5. “you would have to be a subuaru enthusiast to know the difference between these cars”

    I don’t agree. I’ve never owned a Subie nor have I been particularly interested in them. But I can tell the differences in these freshened models near the end of their cycle because I enjoy car design.

    Subarus are just well-rounded, solid cars that perform admirably for their market segment.

  6. NIce! I thought the new design was good, but it had too many unpainted parts. This refresh is quite hot. Now if Subie is smart, they will make a Legacy WRX Sti with 300hp. It will sell like hot cakes. It will make a strong case against the Altime SE-R and MazdaSpeed6. Let see if Subie execs ate their ‘smarties’…

  7. It looks miles better than any midsize entry in its segments, or everything that Subaru currently are selling. But one thing i had noticed the most, however, is that Mercedes-Benz bumpers and BMW 5-series headlamp. I guess the German-wanna-be-designer team had moved from Lexus and Toyota to Subaru. Talk about new family union….

  8. HEY TOYOTA, WAKE UP!!!!! Do you guys remember how successful the Camry wagon was back in the day???? Solid build quality, great gas mileage, comfort and lots of room! Best of all it handled almost as good as a sedan and had the option for a V-6 too!!! If Toyota executives in America got their heads out of the toilet just long enough to see how successful Subaru is with their wagons, maybe we would get one like they have sold for years over in Japan with much success!!! Concrete blocks are thick!!! The Avalon proves this ten fold!!!

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