R.I.P: Honda Insight

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Honda will stop production on the Insight Hybrid in September.
So get them while you can, if you want one.

It is already 7 years old.
Honda is planning a new “sub Civic” hybrid model for next year.
Many seem to think it might just be a hybrid version of the Fit.
Although the Fit is already a 5 year old design (2001).

So I think it might be something all new.

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  1. That would be a “cheap” way to go.
    Squeeze a 7 year old powertrain into a 5 year old design…

  2. As I understand it, it would come in 2008 or 2009, so if it is the Fit, it would be the next generation Fit. I’ve also read that it’s not the exact system as in the Insight, but a smaller version of the IMA system in the Civic

  3. It will be an all new car built around the hybrid system instead of the other way around. It will be a direct competitor to the Toyota Prius. Rumors is that it will be off a revised Fit platform but will sport its own unique looks like the Prius. I’m glad Honda is finally stepping up the hybrid game.

  4. Ahhh! The car that started it all! So sad to see it go…it’s so refreshing to see how an idea actually makes it to production. Funny how people shunned the idea of a very fuel efficient HYBRID when the Insight came out for 1999. Honda seems to have a crystal ball that allows them to see the future…

  5. The Insight is a car that is so smart that most people (“british bastard” and “grow up honda”)just don’t get it. Good thing there are dumb cars out there for you guys too…

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