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It seems like the previous post gets a lot of strong reactions.

Well… Here is a picture of a “small but strong” Mazda RX8 after a roll over crash.
You draw your own conclusions about “big SUV safety”….

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  1. The problem with SUVs in rollovers is that they are soo heavy that the roof cannot support the weight and it gets crushed in.

  2. don’t you see kid?he ‘s doctoring the pics!!

    of course a big american ford will always be safer than a small foreign car.
    where the hell do you live?

  3. This photo is just as meaningless as the previous 4. First off, do you know all the facts behind the accidents depicted in those photos? No, so how can you infer that cars will always (or even almost always) be safer than SUVs? Second, it wouldn’t take too much of an effort (try it sometimes) to find photos of smaller and supposedly safer cars that were totally demolished in an accident and photos of SUVs that survived their accidents without major damage. All we have here is biased reporting against the big, bad SUV. If you don’t like sharing the road with them, than don’t drive. The roads will be emptier for the rest of us real drivers. Where did all you old ladies come from anyway?

  4. LOL! Vince, I love your site, and I’m not a fan of American cars, in fact I like Japanese cars, but these pictures are so biased! Seriously man what are you trying to prove? Unless you can show a picture of a car and an SUV in the exact same conditions and speed, and all the variables are the same, then there is no point showing these pictures, it just takes away credibility from your site.

  5. Its a shame that there are so many ignorant people out there. The fact is that Ford trucks, up until recently, were extremely poorly engineered in the area of roof crush safety as well as general chassis strength (although I rode in a coworkers brand new F150 and was floored at what a pile of shit it was). Here is a pic of the previous generation of the F150 in an offset crash.

    Basically, if this car crashes into a tree at 40 MPH, the person driving this beast is going to be pulling the brake pedal out of their asshole (look at the pic).

  6. Everyone seems to be worried about roll overs, but in fact, as far as accidents go, roll overs happen very rarely in comparison to other accidents. Almost all roll overs happen in single vehicle accidents as well.

    An insurance company one year got together a top ten list of vehicles involved in whats called “Single vehicle roll overs” and on that list were the Chevrolet Corvette, the Mazda Miata, and the Honda Civic.

    Another thing about the pictures, those were very few pictures selected by the author of the blog. Many vehicles could have been selected, with differing levels of damage, and could have any caption the author chooses.

    None of the pictures has any backstory to go with them. As bad as the damage may look, we don’t really know the status of the driver. Simply because something looks bad in an accident doesn’t mean it is. One example of this happening is with airplane fuel. A video got out to the public of aircraft tests attempting to test aircraft fuels. The fire inside the interior of the safe fuel looked worse than the old fuel, but it was in fact said to be safer.

    All vehicles must pass laws in order to go on sale to the public. Truck safety and emissions have gotten tighter, and are very close (sometimes on par) with the requirements on cars. Also, safety and emissions laws change all the time, and are geared up so that manufacturers can prepare for the changes.

    The Kneeslider has had some good neutral statements about SUVs and trucks, even though he’s a motorcycle enthousiast.

    The last thing I’d like to say is that environmental groups continue to attack SUVs and trucks and the like about fuel consumption and emissions. Trucks have to meet fuel economy and emissions laws that get stricter every year. Due to enviromentalists attack on these vehicles, other vehicles that actually contribute more polution get ignored, like boats, ATVs, lawnmowers, and a huge list of other vehicles that could have emissions controls and fuel consumption laws placed on them.

  7. I saw this video on 60 minutes or something and i think it was of a jeep liberty. They rolled it over with a ramp at the lowest speed possible (like 15 mph)and it barely rolled over but when it did, the fricken roof crushed right in under the weigh of the jeep. You can’t say that the same would happen with a car.

  8. At least, this gets people talking…
    There is nothing biased about saying SUVs aren’t as safe as many people think they are.
    Or showing how some crumble under their own weight, because they do.

    I think it’s about time for congress to pass some safety laws and treat these things like family cars instead of farm trucks.

  9. You’ve hit on it, Vince. Trucks might be bigger, and we have grown up with the notion that bigger means safer. What we forget is inertia in such accidents. One set of statistics I read some years ago show that compacts were safer as a result of this, and your photos bear this out.

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