(Slightly) revised Volvo S60

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This is actually pretty amazing.
I have never seen such a “minor face lift”.

Why do these guys even spend that money for this?
Even most Volvo fans won’t be able to tell.

The money would be better spent making sure the cars are reliable. They now rate near the bottom of the list.

(By the way, the new car is the grey one, in the larger pictures)

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  1. Vince – can I have my 1 and a half minutes back?!

    Seriously, you’re right: the physical changes are nearly imperceptible.

  2. Yet another pointless facelift.

    Unfortunately, there is no longer any point of buying a Volvo (or a Saab for that matter).

    Other manufactures have all caught up or far surpassed Volvo in both active and passive safety that the Volvo, once touted to make the safest car, nolonger does. Now you have $21,000 Subaru Legacy spanking $35,000 Volvo in crash tests.

    Volvo has either lost or given up on its focus, which is to make the safest car. Instead, it’s doing stupid things like creating “R” version (yah, when was the last time you saw an S60R?).

    Time to refocus. Make the damn safest car in the world. Re-create the reason why people bought volvo in the first place.

  3. Amen to that!

    Great thought on what Volvo should be.
    people still think of Volvo as the safest car.
    Right or wrong…

  4. ohh wait now i see the difference the chrome bar in the grille has changed directions, and ohhh blinker mirrors.. wow now i must have one ! throw in a new steering wheel and im sold, oops they did, ok cya im headed to the volvo dealer now…

  5. the chrome bar didn’t change directions, the pic of the old one is reversed (you can see the steering wheel on the right side)

  6. i will say though Volvo is on the right track for safety in most there vehicles, the s60 and s80 with those super thick doors are made for major impact and wasn’t really impressed till i saw them at the new york auto show bare bones DOORS another web site posted these pics and a sonota and jetta stripped and you can clearly see the volvo is the safest and the xc90 they rolled that thing many times then opened the doors and that dang suv is very well built !

  7. You would have to be an idiot to buy a new S60. These things depreciate faster than yesterday’s news paper. 2003 S60s go for $12-13k around here. Thats not even Civic money.

  8. It’s not Volvo that is at fault, it’s you Vince. I doubt they will market these changes, as far as i can see its like the little post facelift facelift the last Passat recieved when it got indicators on its wing mirrors. If you think its so pointless and a waste of time and money, don’t waste everyones time by posting it. You can’t critizise a company for introducing small changes, besides a new car will be along soon anyway.

  9. Volvo is thinking for not even producing the S60 after next year. Until they make that decision a complete redo won’t happen.

  10. Volvo takes the S60 to a new BLAND level…

    btw – i heard rumors that the next S60 replacement was suppose to be based of the Mazda6 platform?!

    psted by: TSX

  11. Ah, Volvo is probably trying to wring the last ounce from this platform before it has to underpin the 2012 Ford Fusion.

  12. the changes are really pointless,but to correct you on the volvo reliability issue, of all cars that ford produces, volvos are about the only cars that are very reliable. dont believe me check “consumer reports” reliability ratings they are average to above average through out the brand with the s60 being above average. check your facts vince…..

  13. well thats how consumer reports does their studies off of owners, and i dont trust jd because they gave the kia amanti most appealing in its segment. they give a whole lot of awards that dont make sense, like those initial quality awards. so i dont trust them, “alot” of people trust consumer reports, the consumers decide the info based off experience with the vehicle….

  14. I am probably one of the few on this forum that does like the Volvos. I own a late model V70 and granted my service department knows me by my first name BUT I highly enjoy the car. I have owned Toyotas, Hondas, Lincolns and I must say that my V70 is the most comfortable of the bunch. My 99 Avalon’s engine started to disintegrate at 60K!

    As far as this S60 is concerned I am more than happy with the mild refresh. Yes, most other car manufacturers equal Volvo in terms of security features but they don’t build them like the Volvo (perceived) vault build quality – just check out the thickness and strength of the doors.

    The only real issue I have with Volvo are the 5-cylindar engines. Get rid of them!!! Volvo’s need more of a refined feel instead of feeling like you are driving a tractor. But then again, I guess this is the Volvo mystique. I would buy another one of those ‘tractors’.

    Just my two cents on the Volvo.

  15. what they really should have done is to make that gorgeous burnt umber / butterscotch leather standard. Damn good looking interior.

  16. Volvo offers an amazing interior option called Inscription. This option offers a range of some of the best interiors ever offered for the Volvo (amazing color combos). BUT it is only available in Europe. Not available in the USA. Even Volvo Canada offers more model choices – we are stuck with a select few. Thank you Ford.

  17. Consumer Reports gets it’s car info from subscribers who choose to complete the surveys, which is a limited demographic that IME is hardly representative of the general public.

    I personally am very wary of anything CR says.

  18. ” I own a late model V70 and granted my service department knows me by my first name”

    That’s what I am talking about.
    If that’s fine with you, it’s OK.
    To me, that would be totally unacceptable, especially in 2006 when most other cars are reliable.

    CR does not survey as many people as JD Powers.
    I know people who work at JD powers and trust their studies.

    “”alot” of people trust consumer reports”

    A lot of people also think SUVs are safer. That Volvos are the safest cars (Audis have the best results).
    A lot of people think stupid things.

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