Subaru Legacy

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Just a few more pictures of the “revised” Legacy.
It seems that they did get rid of the wood inside…

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  1. whoop dee doo, no wood, and changes that you can barely if at allT tell its different…

    Then why did you bother to post a comment if it’s so boring? Just so you could bitch on record? Spare us. Please.

    Subaru made some good updates to its Legacy. This is something any other manufacturer does at the end of a model’s cycle.

    Good job, Subie. What’s next?

  2. Never been a fan of the tail lamps of the wagon… but that’s because the rest of the car looks so nice. I’m just surprised the Legacy hasn’t become more of a player against the uber-boring Camry and awkward looking Accord.

  3. I agree with the first post. Whoop dee doo. I can never tell when Subaru makes updates on their ancient cars because the updates are so minor or the cars are so bland and anonymous that you can’t even tell the difference between one year and another. The same goes for Audi and a few other brands.

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