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Why not call this an “Opel day” and compare the trunk size of the G6 with the Opel/Saturn Astra twin Top.

Well. The G6 trunk (bottom pic) is down to almost nothing with the top folded inside…
But the Opel seems to be more like the Eos. With a larger protected area.

So what we have here is a smaller, but about as roomy , car with a larger and more convenient trunk.

The Twin Top has not been a big seller in Europe so far.
But I think demand in the US might be much larger…

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  1. The Twin Top hasn´t been a big seller in Europe so far? Reason could be that it isn´t on sale yet (it´s just coming to the deales these weeks). So nothing bad about the Astra TT so far…..

    (Probably you mean the smaller Tigra?That isn´t a big seller,right,but the Tigra anme was a bad choice in my eyes a the old one had a Barbie-doll-car image…)

  2. It’s a different story in the uk, the Tigra seems to be selling very well, but then again British people have a soft spot for soft tops.

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