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The all new Eos convertible will start at $27 990 in the US.
That includes the 2.0 Liter Turbo engine, ESP, 16 inch wheels and the glass sunroof.

For $31 065 you get the 6-speed automatic transmission with Tiptronic®, steering wheel, shift knob and brake handle each wrapped in leather, automatic headlights, dual-zone Climatronic™ climate control, 12-way power driver seat, heated front seats and washer nozzles, windblocker, center armrest and trip computer.
That will no doubt be the most popular model.

If you want to spend even more you can, $36 850 will get you the 3.2 liter, 250 horsepower V6 engine with added wood trim, all-season tires, multi-function steering wheel, HomeLink®, rain sensing wipers and satellite radio.

Sand alone options include DVD navigation, a 10 speaker 600 watts stereo and 18 inch wheels. (the V6 comes with 17 inch)

I think they did great with the pricing in the US. Pretty much right against the new Pontiac G6 convertible.
And way cheaper than the overpriced Volvo C70 which starts at $40 000 before any options!

The main concern, as with any modern VWs, is poor reliability. And the extremely complicated roof design.
As I said before, the “simpler” New Beetle convertible still has lots of top issues.

Available this fall.

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  1. i totally agree with you that the the c70 is priced way to high, i was reading an autoweek article, and they were making excuses for it saying that it wasnt direct competition for the 3 series, but hey come on its priced right up there with the 3 series, saab 9-3, a4 and im pretty sure the is convertible. while all those cars are more luxurious than the volvo, have more horse power, and other than the 9-3 arent based on the platform of an under $25,000 car with the same interior for almost twice the price. but on this eos, i think it will be a nice car, the mags say that vw has come along way on reliability, and judging from the poor scores that mercedes get on reliability and people still buy them i doubt this crowd really even cares. but it is priced competively from what ive seen is nicer than the s40 on the inside,and especially the g6 (and its crazy they cost the same) it is by all means it is a real luxury car, not a bad deal “if its reliable.”

  2. Based on looks, I’d take the Volvo without hesitation. I love VWs, but I’ve seen the Eos in person and the exterior just doesn’t look like an expensive car. It also looks a bit too cute. The interior is typical VW high quality and good design. But honestly, I prefer the clean interior design and the athletic exterior lines of the Volvo. No one who buys a $35-$40k Volvo has problems justifying it. It’s difficult justifying spending that much on a VW.

  3. That VW looks like a smelly butt crack. I’m sure the roof will fail after going up and down twice. Good luck with the warranty claims. The Volvo looks so much better than this nightmare.

  4. Volvo isn’t the king of reliability either.
    I think it is a gamble either way…

    But at least, the VW is $12 000 cheaper.

  5. yeah, i agree with the butt crack. you are so right, my friend. i hate VWs and think they suck. you know why they suck? cuz they smell like smelly butt cracks. i have perfect logic and have good facts to back up my arbitraty statements.

  6. I see no similarities between the VW and a butt crack, or a smelly butt crack. However I do suspect some of the posters here possess smelly butt cracks.

  7. Like the Passat V8 and the Phaeton before it, VW has taken what is basically a good car and overpriced it. While people may pay around $30,000 for a moderately equipped Eos 4 cyl (it is a hardtop convertible after all), the (nearly) $40,000 Eos V6 will collect dust faster than the knic-knacs on your grandmother’s bookshelves.

  8. Between the Eos and the C70, I’d take the C70 also. VW isn’t a luxury brand, whereas Volvo is. Plus, the added safety that the C70 has (like those innovative side curtains) just make it seem like a better buy. But then again, Vince has never liked the C70…

  9. if VW is able to price the EOS so low, it must have a lot of confidence in the quality and reliability of its controversial new roof, which is a good thing. don’t forget that the Renault Megane CC has a folding glass roof and so can a Mercedes SL, so it can be done.

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