2007 BMW X5

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Still just an illustration.
But pretty close to the real thing….

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  1. Why is it that most of the new sport-luxury vehicles are neglecting to include front foglights … they really dooooo make a difference in appearance! Look at the new G35 … it doesn’t seem to be receiving fogs once again yet the Altima is … What gives?

  2. This actually doesn’t hurt my eyes… and it’s interesting at the same time… and I have actually noticed myself about the foglights… i agree… they should be standard equipment on all vehicles… and hopefully they won’t put a whole lot of that stupid black plastic cladding that they did on the X3. SHIVER.

  3. I totally agree on the black plastic. Terrible how high-end manufacturers are killing the black plastic (X3, Volvo S40, Merc ML 350) and the economical ones are embracing the idea of mono-plastic (Hyundai, etc.) Sometimes it pays to be on the cheaper side of things!

  4. Looks like they played safe with the x5. I’ve always liked the current x5, so it’s not a bad thing.

    But the grill is kind of huge, and with the headlight, the front almost looks like an SUV version of Pontiac G6.

    I do wonder if the grill will be part of the hood. BMW has been moving away from that, and understandably so, because of expensive repair job even in minor fender benders.

  5. fogs would look good but imo they are just decorative. most if not all fogs nowadays don’t function as fog anymore 🙁

  6. lots of newer headlamps incorporate fogs into the main lamp (for cost and styling), so X5 (and others) may still have this feature – don’t worry!

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