2007 Chrysler Pacifica

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It’s really hard to tell from the 2006.
Sure they changed a few things, but was it really worth it?

Larger wheels? No…
Glass roof? (like the concept) No…
New interior? No…
New stereo at least? No…

A new steering wheel!

The bigger news are under the hood where a new 4.0 Liter V6 replaces the 3.5 as the top of the line engine. With 255 hp I am not sure it will address complains about the Pacifica not having enough power…
Maybe the new 6 speed auto does magic.

The next one is due in a couple of years. It will be based on he redesigned 300 and will share even more parts with Mercedes.
And they will be able to fit a V8, if they want to…

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  1. The new 4.0 only has 5 more hp, but torque is supposed to be up to 275 ft lbs or so. The increase in torque is really what is appreciated. Plus the new 6spd autobox is also welcome — it’ll help to make the best of the engines power.

  2. The 2007 Pacifica, like the 2006 before is cris-cross of two vehicle styles not blended evenly. Every time I see one I try to decide if it’s supposed to be a minivan or an SUV.

    I have never been a fan of the interior either. But it seems to sell well enough for Diamler/Chrysler to re-design the ‘Steering wheel’ and offer up a new powertrain to boot.

    Just goes to show you how true the old addage “there is a backside made for every seat”

  3. Why are people saying that steering wheel is new? Take a look at the 2006…it’s the exact same wheel!

  4. Boy am I really having a bad day today! When I first saw this post I could have sworn this was a picture of the new Honda CR-V! Then when I read that this was a post on the supposed revamped Pacifica, I knew I had to stop drinking once and for all!

  5. “Jac said…

    Every time I see one I try to decide if it’s supposed to be a minivan or an SUV.”

    A friend’s husband owns one, and he calls his a Man-Van.

  6. It would be a Man-Van if it was Rear-Wheel Drive (like the next one is rumored to be) and has a Hemi in it. Stupidly over powered is what guys like. Hell, I’d be in the market to get one if it had that.

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