2007 Chrysler Sebring

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  1. wow. that is one horrible design. i’m really disappointed in chrylser if this is the actual sebring and not some hodgepodge illustration. this car does NOT look like a 2007 model but a mid 90s model “freshened” over and over again. in the first shot makes it look like a saturn ion from the a-pillar back. the only nice design element to me is the crease running through the doors. everything else (headlights, grille, taillights, etc.) jsut does not harmonize at all. hopefully this isn’t the real sebring…

  2. I agree with disegno. This is awful.
    This is the next gen-lancer platform(also used on the Caliber, correct?).
    Looks like they took the Caliber(see side view/past c pillar) with some car parts added on.
    I wouldn’t buiy one of those if it were given to me šŸ˜‰

  3. This looks like ASS. it looks like a Saturn Ion that’s been raped by the last generation chrystler designers.

    They should have made a smaller 300-like design.

  4. those can’t be real. no way would a car company design a car looking like that. oh wait. you said chrysler? my bad. i believe it.

  5. Wow, thats really bad. It does look like a 90s car re-nuked and served as new.

    – The doors cut in the roof in an odd way, just look at the rear view and how the door line totally interrupts the roof line / c-pillar.
    – The crease in the door, like the one on the ion fits NOTHING with he design. It looks like someone dropped their design pen and they left the mark on the car.
    – The front end looks out-dated already. Its a design that has been seen already
    – The headlamps are HUGE. I’m assuming this car has 17″ wheels, well the headlamp is almost as big!

    – The rear doesn’t look _that_ bad.

  6. that thing looks horrible, what a bad moment for chrysler to put at some pretty good cars, than to come out with this monstrosity….guess they are running out of good ideas

  7. The weird, black paint and trim on the “C” pillar look stupid and I’ll bet that treatment won’t be on the car when it’s introduced. Just a guess, of course.

  8. Iā€™m with you guys. This is really disappointing. I had hoped that Chrysler would introduce a great looking car like the 300 in this segment. Is this really the best they could do? Talk about loosing momentum.

  9. what Phil said, these pics match all the spy shots Vince has shown us previously. scary design. bad move mercedes, i mean chrysler

  10. Wow I feel quite special to be the first person that likes this car. I think it looks like an acura RL from the a-pillars all the way back! I think it’s very up-class looking, and the design fairly appealing! But I guess I’m not the only person on Earth whose opinion really matters lol. šŸ™‚

  11. While the Chrysler Sebring isn’t quite as good looking as the 300, it’s certainly no worse than the unimaginative, uninspired and downright boring designs coming from Japan and Korea.

    That’s IF these illustrations are accurate,

  12. …to each his own…

    IMO, it looks fugly.
    creases, c-pillar, front overhang, grille, hood, etc etc

    The back end doesn’t look bad, only because it’s a copy of 98-00 corolla backend (or Chevy prism), combined with Lincoln Zephyr tail-lights

    A design this ugly, it’s gotta be fake!


  13. The back is pretty decent, but the front is awefully 90’s. How could they go so right with the 300 and so potentially horribly wrong with this one. I am sure the interior will be bland, however.

  14. why hasn’t douchbag commented yet? is it because it’s so ugly that even he can’t say something good about it

  15. R-E-N-T-A-L C-A-R!

    Maybe it’ll look better in darker colors. Anything to help minimize those hideous lines where the door cuts into the roof.

    The grooves in the hood are unnecessary and garish overkill. Gimmicky for gimmick’s sake.

    It looks too much like the Caliber. A car higher up the price segment should not be trying to look like the entry-level model. Chrysler has that backwards.

    The newer picture Vince posted seem better because it doesn’t condense (or scrunch up) the car like the other two pics.

    Perhaps with a front end freshening, some work on the taillights, and removing that stupid black triangle at the C-pillar could salvage this car.

  16. hey tommy!
    whoever’s responsible for this monstrosity…have them clean out their office by friday morning, okay? seriously…are you guys kidding with this thing?? it’s a complete mess. do you realize that with chrysler’s 5 year product cycle…this aberration will still be running around in 2011??

  17. That thing hurts my eyes soooo much, that it makes me consider gouging them out, to end the pain!

    That has got to be one of the worst(if not the worst) car designs so far, since the start of this decade!

  18. Wow, every has their own personal likes and dislikes, but i have never seen unanioumous negative on the site for any car. Add me to the fugly column. This is the chrysler’s pontic aztek.

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