2007 Honda CRV

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Caught in the city…

And I must say, it looks very similar to the illustration I posted here last year.
It seems much more upscale than the current model .

Let’s hope they keep the prices low.

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  1. Grrr… was the Honda Civic designer on a potty break when the board signed off on this new CR-V?

    That rearest side window’s curve almost beats that of the BMW X3’s in its weirdness… Not too crazy about the front either… But then again, CR-V has always been very uglier vehicles…

  2. This is very nice. The front end is very sharp… love the headlights. It definitely looks more upscale like Vince states …. looks more sophisticated than the Rav.

  3. I don’t know enough yet, but this thing actually looks good.
    It’s amazing how stupid people can get when they follow other people’s (Spy photographers)opinion.
    this thing does look more luxerious than the RAV4 according to the pictures that I have seen so far.

  4. Im surprised that it looks this good. The crv has traditionally been a utilitarian looking thing. This looks like it will pull in buyers looking to purchase something more expensive.

  5. better or worse, i do not know, but…

    One thing to note here is that Honda has apparently decided that the days of the ‘butch’ pseudo-SUV are over. Instead, this design reaches toward the swoopy styling of high-end crossovers like the Lexus RX330, Infiniti FX45, and Audi Q7.

    The original CR-V was actually strongly inspired by the mid-90’s Explorer and other traditional body-on-frame SUVs.

    Oh, how the tides have turned. And along with them, Honda’s cute-ute.

  6. That front bumper looks expensive to repair. But Wow! It looks more upscale than its own Acura RDX and BMW X3. Acura should work harder to wear that premium badge.

  7. hmm it’s kinda got the shape of the old MDX in the rear. i hate that little exhaust pipe, why still no duals, over all it looks pretty good as long as the interior dosn’t have a column shifter and the rediculous ebrake in the dash

  8. Looks a little like the Isuzu Axiom with a more cohesive yet somewhat minivanish design. It seems a little conservative compared to some of Honda’s most recent offerings, though (minus this CRV’s awkward grille). But good for Honda for getting rid of the spare tire in the back. Toyota should’ve taken a cue from them.

  9. The only reason people are saying this design looks upscale is because the pictures Vince posted are of a ‘BLACK’ model! The lower rocker panel molding on both sides of the 2007 model will still be ‘BLACK’ PLASTIC as well as the lower portions of the front and rear bumpers! The current CR-V also looks upscale in ‘BLACK’ over all the other colors because it matches the rest of the cheap ‘BLACK’ PLASTIC molding on the vehicle! Even the current ‘SE’ model with color matching panels in another color does not look as good as the ‘BLACK’ one due to some panels still having black trim! Let’s see this puppy in SILVER or WHITE before we make our final decisions!!!

  10. Rabbit ears:
    Any interior shots?
    I hope people dont just buy this since it just has an “H” om the grill. If this will be made in the U.S., all parts and all is it still Japanese?
    The out going model until recently was made in Japan.
    – Current RAV and Grand Vitara as well as the soon to be realsed Outlander are also Japanese made, maybe these are still better?

  11. Will that deep center perch on the front bumper seat 2 or 3 people in a pinch? Or will it open up it’s silly grin to devour you whole? JAWS has just met his match! This new design could inspire Stephen King to write an updated version or sequel to ‘Christine’!

  12. To the moron above…the CR-V is actually Navy Blue! First of all Honda calls it ‘Royal Blue Pearl’ since you seem to be so intellectually humble! Secondly that particular color paint is so dark, even in direct sunlight(like where these picture were taken) you can barely tell if it has any color pigment at all! When the sun goes down, that’s called ‘DUSK’, you could not tell the difference between the blue or black even if they were sitting side by side! The point, which you totally missed, was that a lighter color paint like silver, beige or white will not as good with the cheap looking black plastic molding! Honda could not afford to paint the entire vehicle one color because they want to keep their costs down! We will have to wait until the 2010 model year arrives to see the introduction of the ‘SE’ again with the painted panels! By then it will probably cost around $30,000 to purchase an SE!

  13. Yes, it looks fine and certainly classier than the previous CR-V. But is classy what the CR-V needed? I always thought it’s appliance-like functionality was part of it’s appeal.

    The spare tire disappearing from the rear door reminds me of my neighbor’s nightmare experience when changing his Avalance tire. Where did it go on the CR-V? Underneath or under the rear compartment where the folding picnic table used to be?

    Keep the steering column shifter and the dash hand brake because they make sense and gets them out of the way.

    But just don’t back into anything. The hatch cuts into the rear bumper so that the slightest mistake could result in an enormous repair bill.

    Why would Honda design it so poorly?

  14. If you look closely, you can see that the overall lower bumper areas are in fact color matched. (Unlike the current lower end CRVs).

    Agreed though, if there is baseline model without color matched buymper, it will lookg HORRIBLE in white, silver etc…

    Honda needs to at least paint those ugly secondary grill fins, as well as square off the rear window, in which case it will look just fine. Maybe for a facelift in 2009?

  15. I like the look of it, but I kinda like the Toyota Rav4 for some reason. I know about the wheel in the back, but that is the only flaw Toyota made. The Toyota Rav4 is at a good price and is a good value. No doubt it will be the same with the CR-V but the Rav4 will have many advantages over it.

  16. I hate the front – ugly… although it reminds me somewhat of the front of a Lexus 470(especially the headlights), they made it ugly by ading this nonsense grille. The back is definatelly taken from their own MDX. Hopefully they will ged rid of the steering column shifter and make it prettier inside overall.

    Curious to see it on the streets.

  17. Looks like Honda is overdosing on ugly. The Stream’s interior looks like a lump of mishapen plastic topped off by the ghastly Civic steering wheel. Than the shots of the CR-V reveals it’ll be ugly coming and going.


    The 2007 CR-V on the 3rd generation will have the following features which were not available on the 2nd generation: Telescopic Steering Wheel, Bi-Level Digital Readout Instrument Panel, Center Console with: Floor Shifter, Extra Large Storage Compartment and Cupholders, Variable Intermitent Windshield Wipers, Automatic Climate Control System on EX and EX-L and Daytime Running Lights!!! Enjoy!!!
    I think the interior of the new 2007 CRV will look a lot like the current Honda Fit.

  19. I like the back… but not the front. THey took the Accord’s headlights and tacked them on with a dorky looking grille. They need to place the grille where the bumper is. I just think it looks dorky. Lexus RX330 and the Toyota Highlander do the same thing. It is very unappealing and it makes the front end design feel like it’s lacking something.

  20. Good that Honda dumped that stupid spare tire hanging off the back.

    Yeah, the outside spare might add space on the inside, but at what cost?

    Outside spare acts as a bumper and a light tap smashes the rear hatch and breaks rear window. And backing into any car with a low hood dents that car because the spare tire overrides the rear bumper which is useless.

    Should not be legal for any vehicle to have car parts that override bumpers.

  21. Beautiful appearance BUT POOR REPAIR design.

    Rear hatch is integrated into the rear bumper such that a 5 mph collision in the back will require replacement of not just the bumper, but the hatch as well.

    Front quarter-panels appear integrated into the front bumper again entailing excessive replacement of parts if front is damaged.

    Expect expensive collision insurance premiums.

    Carry-over 4 cylinder so expect the same (real world) 20-24 mpg with AWD.

  22. That’s one bizarre-looking vehicle.
    Strange side-windows, funny bulge in the tailgate (at least they lost the spare) and the strangest front end this side of a Tribeca.
    Honda, what are your designers smoking?

  23. JABU said…

    YAY!! no column shifter or dash hand brake

    If you’re not shifting it manually, why would one care where the shifter is located?

  24. Good that Honda dumped that stupid spare tire hanging off the back.

    Yeah, the outside spare might add space on the inside, but at what cost?

    Outside spare acts as a bumper and a light tap smashes the rear hatch and breaks rear window. And backing into any car with a low hood dents that car because the spare tire overrides the rear bumper which is useless.

    Should not be legal for any vehicle to have car parts that override bumpers.

    Either you need driving lessons or ultrasonic rear parking assist. No shame in that, though.

  25. Some of you people really seem to think you are experts, but since I have sold Hondas for 5 years, I can tell you you have some gripes which the buying public doesn’t give two sh+#s about. Here’s a thought on the bumpers, if you run into something with any of todays cars, there will be damage. You sound like you would be afraid to walk outside because something could happen. The designers at Honda don’t need to do anything different to please you, just the people who look at cars for trivial reasons like feul economy, reliability, safety, abnd other stupid things like that. Maybe that’s why Honda sales have continued to rise every year, despite never offering a rebate like the desperados at the “big 3”. I think any of those companies would love to hire you as designers to continue their amazing successes with gas guzzling, unreliable vehicles that you think are pretty. Honda will weep all the way to the bank, and so will the poor people selling them, again and again.

  26. Designed by Honda senior designer Ugh Lee.

    “Jung said…

    That rearest side window’s curve almost beats that of the BMW X3’s in its weirdness…”

    That shape was all the rage in, say, 1962.

    And a big pacifier to the crybaby salesperson. When the buying public sees the repair bill for a rear end collision, I bet they’ll give two shits then.

  27. anonymous said:If you’re not shifting it manually, why would one care where the shifter is located?

    i just hate the look of a shifter sticking out of the dash and the fact that alot of the times, dash mounted shifters get in the way of controls.but it seems that designers are having problems keeping console shifters out of the way of controls also. just preference but dash mounted shifters usually steer me away from purchasing a car.

  28. THE 2007 HONDA CR-V COMPLETELY ‘NEW AND IMPROVED’! I would rather be seen driving in my ‘old and lousy’ Japanese built 2006 CR-V any day of the year, than in one of those new American built and designed monstrosities! To prove how smart the Japanese are, Honda tried to sell the American designed and built ELEMENT in Japan for a few years but the Japanese people did not go for the ‘BAIT’ and Honda was forced to ‘discontinue’ the ELEMENT in Japan completely!!! The ‘American version’ of the new CR-V they will be selling here in the fall would not sell in Japan either!!! Someday Honda of America will wise up and keep their hands out of the cookie jar!

  29. Apparently Honda thinks that an enourmous taillight is a CRV signature. These monstrosities are the last remaining vestige of CRV’s better forgotten. I am a Honda fan. I love the Element and Accord.

  30. The 2006 CR-V can be towed behind a motorhome with all four wheels on the ground and without a 3rd-party trasmission oil pump. I assume the 2007 is similarly towable. Does anyone know for sure ?

  31. I recently bought a 2007 honda crv in black. I think it is the greatest car. It is great on gas and it is very cute. The interior is awesome and everything is digital inside. some of you may think its ugly but i think it is the best deal for your buck

  32. Well… in 2 days i’m getting my new Honda CR-V… i choose the EXL version, i’m ansious, i want it now!!

  33. wow, that front end looks horrible, lights and grille, when u look at it from the side there’s like a dent in the front or something! the back windows and back end actually look good though. the interior looks good. i would rather buy a fully loaded 2006 cr-v just because of that front end, jeez what the hell were they thinking with that!

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