2007 Jaguar XKR

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For those who must have a supercharger on top of an already powerful V8.

At least this does it in style.

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  1. just dont think these have enough power 300 in a v8 is plenty of power but everything else except sc430 has more power cadillac 320, mercedes 380 bmw 360, and im sure this car has 400 and is less than the others sport models

  2. Whatever styling elements people say echo something else, it’s a freakin good looking car with a gorgeous interior.

    And it’s lighter than it’s previous version. How many car companies release new versions that are lighter than the old ones?

    Car and Driver just ranked it 3rd above the BMW 6 series, and Caddy XLR-V.

    A car doesn’t have to have 500+ horsepower to be fast.

  3. Hot car. Jags always are. But I have to agree with some of the others here. I don’t think the front end looks very high-end. I think maybe it’s because the entire thing is one big piece of molded plastic. The headlights don’t look very sophisticated or distinctive either.

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