2007 Kia Spectra

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I think this was the “Mystery car” from a few days ago.
The revised Spectra for 2007.

A step backward if you ask me… (but who is)

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  1. I think the current front end has more personality. It is more daring.

    This looks a bit “melted” and more generic…
    But I’m sure it’s a good car anyway…

  2. Ummmm, I sort of agree with Vince.
    It could have been more “bold” looking, up front, perhaps?
    It does look more like a Sephia( up front).

  3. This is not where I got the picture.
    And these links don’t work.

    And one more thing, don’t call me retarded just because I didn’t post something you like.
    I called it a mystery car because I wasn’t sure what it was at the time.And I think it’s kind of fun to let people guess.

    You take this stuff way to seriously…
    Have some fun. Cars aren’t everything.

  4. Not bad, but I won’t consider one.
    I test drove the current generation. To me, it seemed kind of slow, slightly “underpowered”.
    It was ok. I might take it over say a Cobalt or Neon.

    I’d rather wait for the 07 Elantra. yes, it may be
    “underpowered”, too, but it sure looks a lot nicer.

  5. I agree that the current one kind of looks better. For example, the extremely-unique side gaps on the grille of the current Spectra are missing now in place of one blob of grill.In the current Spectra there is a North-American version, European version, and Asian version (which is an amalgamation of the NA and Euro ones depending on markets). Let’s hope that this is the Euro and/or Asian one. The current European one is definitely the best looking one IMO.Also, it is kind of misleading to call that a mystery pic. Vince probably (and we can’t fault him for it) had a lack of content that day, because it is obvious what kind of car that is. Not just by looking at it (which is really obvious let alone), but because it was taken by Ewans-Kelly photographers. If you look on their site, there are lists of photos, and that pic is obtained from the URL https://ewanskelly.net/. It is incredibly obvious that it is a Spectra when viewed from this angle: https://ewanskelly.net/. And to make matters more obvious, take a look at the set of photos it is from: all from a raid on a Hyundai/Kia facility in Germany by Ewans-Kelly. So you’d have to be blind to not know that was a Kia, or just extremely retarded…but who knows.Vince, you should post on the much-more interesting Kia ED and its Hyundai counterpart that are coming out… Seen here: https://ewanskelly.net/. They’re based on the C’eed concept by Kia, (note the ED in the name). These cars are replacing the Elantra and Spectra in Europe. This is why we will not see an Elantra 5-door stateside, because there is no longer a need for a 5-door Elantra, as it was discontinued for the European market.

  6. I know where you get the pic from. It’s from this site, I think: . There’s also a rear end look picture on the near bottom of the page.

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