2007 Kia Spectra

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Seems like the mid cycle revision might move the Spectra a bit upscale…
But..Wasn’t Kia supposed to be the sporty side of Hyundai????

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  1. Vince i dont think you are satisfied with any cars….you think everything is outdated before it even hits the market….may be your supposed to be in the space car travel age…..

  2. i am sure that kia will still offer a sporty-er model like the current SX, just hope that there’s no cheap-looking spoiler this time. this is also the car the rest of the world gets; we usually get the cheaper models (like the focus, civic, corolla, and astra just to name some)

  3. wrap some leather(vs fake wood) around the steerign wheel, and gear shifter, add more HP, and keep price the same as now.

    The upcoming 2007 Elantra is all new, except the 138HP I-4(probably same for this Spectra).

    When i tested one of these about 2 years ago, when it first came out, it was ok, but nothing extraordinary.

    In SW Ohio, they alkso need to work on their dealerships, get them up to Hyundai standards(instead of on multi-maker lots, or small corner deaelrships the size of a gas station).

  4. forgot to add, yes, this interior looks much better, and I am getting accustomed to the new front end.
    Let’s just hope for alittle more insulation(for NVH control) and maybe alittle more HP(but, do not think this will happen on HP).

    take care/not offense.

  5. Looks very clean. I’ve heard some good things about the current Spectra. I hope this one will be even better.

  6. I’d consider buying Hyundai/Kia these days:

    MotorWeek’s Top Pick for Family Sedan for 2006. Sonata(and Kia is 45% or so owned by Hyundai).
    Hyundai: Top Brand for AutoPacific.
    Sonata wins another award.

    In the recent IQS of JD Powers; Kia tied for first place w/Suzuki Aerio sedan for subcompact vehicle, beating the Toyota/Scion xA.
    JD IQS:

  7. hyundai’s chairman was just released on bail. He is involved in some criminal case, ya, I want a Korean car

  8. Ok. Vince, I agree. Kia was supposed to become the sporty maker(Honda-like) of the group, and Hyundai the refined automaker(Toyota-like).

    Rumors on sites such as intellichoice.com, and others(with future vehicle threads) say that for 09 MY, Kia will have a FWD sporty car, and for 08(?) Hyundai a RWD Tiburon?

    Seems odd.

    They need to change this. The only “sport” difference, for Kia is a tweaking of the suspension of the new 2006.5 Optima vs Sonata.

    Vince: this site is having issues with posting…. tkaes 3-4 attempts to get stuff to “take” today.

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