2007 Mercedes CL Class

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A class act.

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  1. its look like it has way to many lines, i dont see gorgeous here, slightly overstyled, and im still confused about the mercedes rx8 wheel wells….and again way to many lines

  2. classy- most defenitly
    sporty- maybe the AMG(looks way to luxurious to be sporty in these pics)
    i have mixed feelings about it.

  3. Overall very nice, but a misfire on the rear wheel well bulge. The rear quarter should have flowed out to it, so they are less prononuced.

  4. Hmmmm. Just a thought: maybe Chrylser(with that 2007 Sebring that not many posters here seem to care for ) should have mimicked This Car, instead of a 300/Ion/Caliber, etc…
    Also, these “character lines” down the sides of many cars today, the first time I had seen this, I believe , was in 03, with the new Tiburon.(maybe thye copied soemone else, but it was the first time I personally had seen a car on the road wioth this type of line on the side of the doors,etc).

    take care-not offense

  5. geez Vince, by putting these CL pics in between the Pacifica and Sebring, it just makes them look even uglier!

    the new CL is hot hot hot!

  6. i love it. the only design misfires are those hideous wells and the overly pronounced rear wheel arches from the sedan. but the sedan looks good in person.

    i still want a CLS.

  7. I find the new MB designs a bit busy and fussy in a grotesque post banglesque sort of way; but I do have to admit that in person, in motion, on public roads, the new S-Class sedan looks great. This new CL will look good as well. I do not like the instrument cluster binacle merging into the command nav screen. If information is important for the driver it should be in the primary cluster. If information is not important for the driver – it should not be present at all. With decades of unsurpassed dedication to safety, it is surprising to see this level of driver distraction from this company.


  8. I agree about the side character line, it cheapens the look. And did they really have to pay homage to the Taurus with those taillights? Busy and overdesigned, indeed.

  9. Anonymous said…

    am i the only one that feels like they ruined a great car ?????

    Maybe, but why do you think DCX ruined a great car.

  10. Gorgeous? I think not. Its definitely not better looking than a BMW 6-Series, Aston DB9/Jaguar XK8 or even its spiritual brother the Mazda RX-8.

    It has so much “styling” going on in the car that it looks like crap. It almost looks like a coupe version of the Acura RL!

  11. yeah 8oo! i DO see the taurus-esque shape of the taillights.

    i have to reiterate: character line + overly large and defined rear wheel fare = BAD.

  12. im confused people on here trash bmws desighns, these new mercedes look horrible, they look way overstyled and those huge fenders are laughable, there is like 3 or 4 body lines if not more, they look odd…..the bmws arent this radical or odd looking….i dont get it

  13. I’m in the minority here…I really don’t care for this that much, especially in white.

    I think this car in black would be a stunner, with the exception of the 2005 Pontiac Sunfire’s taillights.

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