2007 Santa Fe prices

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They say the car is available this month. Which means pretty much now or next week.

Model Engine Transmission Driveline Retail

Santa Fe GLS 2.7L V6 5-Speed M/T FWD $20,945
Santa Fe GLS 2.7L V6 5-Speed M/T AWD $22,945
Santa Fe GLS 2.7L V6 4-Speed A/T with SHIFTRONIC(R) FWD $22,145
Santa Fe GLS 2.7L V6 4-Speed A/T with SHIFTRONIC(R) AWD $24,145
Santa Fe SE 3.3L V6 5-Speed A/T with SHIFTRONIC(R) FWD $23,645
Santa Fe SE 3.3L V6 5-Speed A/T with SHIFTRONIC(R) AWD $25,645
Santa Fe Limited 3.3L V6 5-Speed A/T with SHIFTRONIC(R) FWD $25,945
Santa Fe Limited 3.3L V6 5-Speed A/T with SHIFTRONIC(R) AWD $27,945

Add $650 for transportation to all prices.

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  1. No too bad. One can usually knock off $$$$ from MSRP of any Hyundai, w/o a major argument over it.

    Any idea if/when they will “hybrid” this thing?
    Lot of rumors flying around on the net about a hybrid Santa Fe(relative of mine-SUV-only driver- wants to sell his Jeep Grand Cherokee and buy one, if they build/sell one by say end of 07).

  2. Looking at the features that you get for the price, this will most definately give the CR-V and the RAV-4 a run! Though I think Hyundai has the Tuscon for this segment, it is a bit to small to be a true competitor based on the growth of the CR-V and the RAV-4. I can’t wait to take a test run in this!

  3. Wouldn’t this really be competeing against the Highlander and the Pilot at these prices? Seems a little high for a brand with such low resale value.

  4. This looks like a better looking, slightly larger Rav4, with more value for it’s dollar. Good job Hyundai!

  5. “low resale” newer hydunai’s don’t suffer the resale down-syndrome they used to. There’s plenty of 2000 model Accents kicking around for $8K which isn’t that bad for a $12K new vehicle. The Santa fe’s also retain their value quite nicely!

    Either way.. Hyundai makes a way, way, way, way, way.. did i say ‘WAY’ better car than GM or Ford for the value.

    GM is time and time again dissapointing. Hyndai on the right track. Great interior, excellent plastics, perfect craftsmanship… GM needs to learn alot. At least for has Mazda to learn from.. GM just makes purpetual bad choices.

  6. I agree with the guy whom said Hyundai is great nowadays. My girlfriend and I went shopping for a small fuel efficient car last weekend and we were most impressed with the 2007 Hyundai Accent sport.

    We drove the Toyota Yaris, Honda Fit, Hyundai Accent, and Kia Rio.

    The Yaris:

    The interior room was great, but the ride was noisy, engine noise above normal, and i really disliked the hyper-sensitive floaty steering. It felt like I was driving a BUICK from the 80s when I made a turn. I also disliked the fact that the rear passenger’s head rests were 1ft away from the bumper. I fear for anyone who’s sitting in the back of a Yaris if rear ended hard. The engine had decent enough power but is nothing to brag about.

    Honda Fit:

    Other than the less than stellar plasticy interior and stupid integrated radio, I have to say this car felt the best, had most power (felt like it at least) and definitely had a sports car-like suspension. It felt like driving an older 2000 civic si actually minus some power of course. It was the quietest of the cars i drove, had the most cargo room and wast mostly comfy to sit in. Good job Honda, too bad you waited 4 years too long to bring this car here..The styling is old now.. Dumb asses.

    Hyundai Accent Sport:

    This car is the one we ended up purchasing because the interior was astonishing, the interior noise and engine power was in the middle of the worst (yaris) and best (fit). The interior is very good, i can’t stress how good I mean good is. It feels like a $25K car instead of a cheepy. The plastics are better quality and better assembled than a Civic or Corolla. For $17,140(CDN) You get power everything, heated seats, 16″ mags, sunroof, a DOCH 1.6 (variable valve timing) The interior space isn’t as great as the Yaris or Fit, however your passengers won’t get smacked in the head if you get rear-ended as theirs a ton of cargo space to be absorbed first. This car also has Air Bags up the wazzuzu! It’s steering and suspension was almost as tight as a Honda and felt great!

    Kia Rio:

    Basically this is the same car as the Accent with a cheaper looking interior (light grey) and less available features. Despite the interior looking cheaper, it still felt better than than the lots of other cars.

    At the end of the day, It’s apparent that Hyundai is riding the ass o the competition. They are paying attention and making huge strides to become #1 someday.

  7. This car is going to be AWESOME. People all over the world are already buying them up in strides. UK sales have exploded despite a falling market.

    Finally, with all the new great new Hyundai models in place, maybe we can all forget the pony and give Hyundai some credit. I hope so.

  8. Top 10 Best Car Resale Value Under $35K
    Honda Civic Sedan – MINI Cooper – Honda Odyssey – Toyota 4Runner – Honda CR-V – Mazda RX-8 – Toyota Tundra 4×4 – Nissan Altima – Toyota Tacoma 4×4 – Infiniti G35 Sedan

    I don’t see any Hyundais on the list. They are good cars. Far better than most domestics. They have great warranties. Great styling. But if you ever plan on selling it, any money you saved at time of purchase will be lost then some.

  9. Resale: for me, it is a non-issue. Why? because we drive 35-50K miles per year!
    By the time we hit 4-5 years, the thing already has nearly 200K)sometimes more).
    Sometimes people just buy something and don’t care abotu resale, just quality, or style, or HP, or size of the vehicle.
    take care-not offense.

  10. I think it preiced a little bit too high. I am sure Hyundai will give out a big rebate later. Mark my word on it

  11. Do You Know The Way To Santa Fe? Hyunai Thinks It Does!
    I noticed that there has been quite a buz on the web around the launch of the newly redesigned Santa Fe. However, since no one in the automotive press has ‘test driven’ this new iron and it hasn’t yet officially hit the streets it hardly makes sense to discuss whether this vehicle will be a big hit for Hyundai based on MSRP.

    For those of you intent on comparing the “re-sale” equation of Hyundais in general there is general agreement that Hyundai is not considered a top tier brand like Honda and Toyota yet. So re-sale though improving is not quite there yet.

    But they are in the midst of a complete model make over in their entire line-up and in roughly two years their sales should be on the fast track and consumer sentiment and perception toward this brand will likely catch up by then.

    Evidence of this is the newly re-designed Sonata. The first Hyundai to crack the over 17,000 per month unit sales month after consecutive month. Though this number is by no means earth shattering it does point to an uptrend in Hyundai’s likely mass appeal in a very competitive segment where you’ll find bigger more well known established brands still struggling to break 10,000 unit monthly sales consistently.

    Hyundai’s remarkable improvement in quality and reliability, along with their increasing sales may trigger spillover sales for their other upcoming models. Barring any unforseens the ’07 Santa Fe may spell very good news for Hyundai after all.


  12. (Truthful) Story Time:
    My Father-In-Law( now to be known as FIL for th duration of this story) has owned many trucks and SUV’s in the past 25 years.
    He has owned a Toyota truck(1987),
    a late 90’s Chevy S-10(which he still has) and has owned chrysler(and Dodge) trucks/SUV’s(also has a 1999 Grand Cherokee Laredo).

    Long Story Short: he is curently interested in a(if they build one) Hybrid Santa Fe(rumor mill has one out by 08-09).
    Why a Hyundai? I own a 2004 GLS-V6 Sonata,with nearly 31K miles.
    Issues in (nearly) 2 years? Sometimes the (left) passenger window sticks, or rolls up slowly(and will be dealt with next week, under warranty). Nothing else has been problematic.
    He had a rental Santa Fe, due to his 99 Jeep(see above), in which he purchased used, needed a new tranny at 107,000 miles: over 3K + to fix( he would have traded it in, but with 21 months+, at the time, to pay it off, and of course, no tranny)he figured time to replace the tranny.
    he got the Santa Fe rental, liked it, and is awaiting a hybrid.and pay off(still) of his Jeep(late next year.
    first car was a Charger, in fact.
    he does Not trust jeep any more, and says Toyota parts, even at local mechanics, cost too much.
    He’s ready to try a Hyundai(maybe even w/o a hybird option).
    40 year(in general) Chrysler willing to go to Hyundai.

  13. Forgot to add(see above sotry,”FIL”)
    FIL does not like the S -10( mechanically, he replaces brakes every 25-30K miles,)and he owned only one Ford(I am losing it, it was not the Mustang, but their other sports car in the 70’s) and claimed the wheel fell off after just 32 days of ownership(well, really, the rear end slid to the right, while he was driving it, and he slowed dwon, and it Fell Off!).
    So, again, Hyundai for him(see above story).

  14. Drove a friend’s Santa Fe, while I was in Seoul, couple of weeks ago, although it was diesel, the truck felt great!……….the fit and finish were excellent….the quality of material inside was stellar….more like Lexus than Ford and Chevy……..overall, I walked away very impressed…..Hyundai is on a roll lately……Hyundai has taken the old Ford’s “Quality is our job No.1” to the next level. Vince, u have a great site here.

  15. Vince: one more thing…..
    in your biography, in the Pacer- picture, ya kind of look like Joey Ramone!
    Anyhow, if ya don’t like people ot post links,etc, let me know… and i won’t do it again, cool?
    Yer site is entertaining as it is informative.
    Take Care, Not Offense.

  16. Thanks for the links, no offence taken.

    I called all dealers in the LA area today to see if I could take a look at the new Santa Fe.
    None of them has one. Although it says on the Hyundai site “available now” and I read somewhere they left the factory last week.
    All dealers mentioned they would get them in over a month, maybe two!

    What a load of crap…

  17. Glad you did not mind the links I posted.
    Vince, since I am going for a 30K tune up ,for my 04 sonata this week, I will ask the guys there if they have any idea( down here in SW Ohio). Most of the time, they are either out of the loop, or if they know, they won’t say anything.
    When the 06 Sonata came out around end of May, early June last year, they trickled in, it seemed like.
    It wasn’t until 6-8 weeks after release that you could see more than 6 on a lot.
    Maybe they are trying to get rid of the 06’s first?
    I know a place in Indiana , they even had an ad over here in Ohio today, for 4K off of 2006 Santa Fe’s, and that’s before bargaining.

    It does get old, all of the waiting.

    have a good one.


  18. no more friggen hyundais! Yes i know this is a blog for ordinary cars, but please not only have you released countless shots of this particular vehicle but now you are even giving us the prices! what next vince you gonna tell us the first 50 pages of the instruction manual!
    so vince how much are hyundai paying you?

  19. Santa Hey what’s up with apparantly, the Hyundai chairman/president going to jail for FRAUD???? Is that true???? That’s what I heard

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