2007 Solara

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  1. I am not usually a Toyota fan, but, there is something about the Solara that grabs my attention. This newest one looks less “girly” and has some nice masculine upgrades. Some sport, some luxury…I like it.

  2. Vince, do you, by a chance, have a side image on the new Solara? I’m wondering because I want to see if Toyota has ironed out the swoop-like side styling.

  3. I just added another pic where you see more of the profile.
    It is the same.

    They didn’t modify any of the body parts.
    The only new stuff is what is made of plastic. bumpers, lights etc…
    They usually never change any metal part during the mid-cycle refresh. That’s too expensive.
    Unless they get really bad feedback, like the rear design of the Accord that was changed for 2006.

  4. “if i wanted to see these pictures i’d go to toyota.com”

    Then you should spend your time on toyota.com instead of here…

    This is not a website just for your own personal needs.

  5. Well put Vince, concerning the pic complainer. Anyway, this body style Solara leaves very little to be decided. Its butt is just waaaay too large. Bad design, very bad design! Accord coupe for me all the way.
    By the way, I wonder why mazda hasn’t revived the MX-6 since the intro of the Mazda6, and why Nissan hasn’t done an Altima based coupe. Toyota and Honda have preoved that there is plenty of cash to be made in this segment…more offerings/competition would be nice.

  6. I know what you mean about Mazda and Nissan.
    There was a rumor a few years back about an Altima coupe coming up.
    But now that the next generation has been announced, there is no mention of a coupe.
    Same for mazda.
    It’s too bad…

  7. I gotta agree. This design is-in my opinion-one of the worst to come out of Japan in recent years.

    They just tried too hard.

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