2008 Scion Tc

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They are finally trying to squeeze a little more style into the Tc. Before replacing it with a new design inspired by the Fuze concept.

This could come up as an early 2008, at the beginning of next year.
the second picture is an illustration…

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  1. I concur with the person who said styling is not exactly a problem with tC.
    That hood scoop on the top car; why bother?
    I thought Scion’s idea was to “dump” their vehicles every 3(or 4?) years, with new designs(when they first came onto the scene).

    So, what are they trying to do now, by adding a few things, and add another 2 years of life to the tC(trying to make it look “different”, yet, not really new). Are they trying to get 5 year cycles, yet appear to be “changing”?
    Anyhow, if they do tweak the current tC, and keep it for a full 5 year cycle, before the FUSE comes out, that is ok, to us.
    By then, the current car we have will be paid in full, and ready to trade for that FUSE.

    take care/not offense

  2. what they should really change is the back… really kills the style of the car with those bland taillights… and the back is way too short, yeah i know it’s a hatchback but if they extended it out more it would be look much better

  3. It’s really hard to tell from the 2006. Sure they changed a few things, but was it really worth it? No.

  4. I’ll predict right now that when the car’s released it won’t have the bumper in the bottom pic, because it’s design isn’t bland enough for Toyota. The dangling-booger emblem will stay, though, of course.

  5. the tC is fine the way it is. there is no need to change anything. on the other hand, a complete restyling shouldnt take place until a 2009 model.

  6. I have a tC and would get an trade up for an 08 if they gave it more power. Maybe a turbo? mmmm I doubt it but it would be nice. Or at least let the supercharger be financed through Toyota.

  7. avensis and tC are NOT the same cars. They share a few of the same parts but as far as building an avensis on a tC chasis…it would never happen. They are totally different from the wheelbase to the tail lights.

  8. first off, the tC is built on the avensis chassis, so the guy above me needs to go back to skool.
    second, that second pic is a total photoshop.
    third, there will be no major styling changes made the the tC until the redesign, which will not take place until the 09 model year at the earliest.
    fourth, the first pic is nothing more than a tC with a different hood. there are lots of those on the road. it is called a modification, genious.
    i hate rumor mills. you remember spy shots of the “new 07 xB” that looked like a longer version of the current model? there is no 07 xB being built. it will be an 08 next, skipping the 07 model year, and a complete redesign that looks more like the t2b concept than anything else.
    try living in the real world, kids.

  9. ok i work for scion and there will be some changes for the 08 tc what ecactly isn’t for sure, still in debate but look for hid headlights and led tail lights…and the main thing that is talk with the xb is a bigger engine not a longer wheel base the xb model has already been completed and test drove its said to be funner/faster then the tc to drive??? but thats an opininon

  10. so someone i know works over at trd and the rumor is that this badboy for either 08 or as late as 09 will have a turbocharged 6 speed with rear wheel drive and put down close to 280 hp i cant wait!

  11. Avensis/tC same car, basically. Maybe they are doing a sporty Avensis, or whatever, thus the Toyota Badge in the 2nd photo?

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