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Ford will bring the Euro Focus in the US in 2008 ( That would be the 2009 model year)
The car will be made in Mexico, and of course, willl use cheaper materials than the Eupopean version so Ford can try to make a profit on it. (they are loosing money on the current model)

Meanwhile, the current Focus will get a new front for 2007, similar to the Fusion.

And insiders are also reporting a new small SUV type thing called the Bronco.
Not sure if that would be a replacement for the Escape, or a more trucky one like the Toyota FJ….

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  1. Just forget Ford in this side of Atlantic, they had a tradition of killing everything that was once sell good in this market. GT, Tarsus, Ranger, Focus, Escape, Freestar(Windstar), Mercury, Lincholn, Town Car, Navigator … Now even Explorer and F-series are dying and Mustang will soon be outclass by GM’s muscle car(s?). When they finally debut new crossovers to the market later this year, Ford will get crush again by bigger, more powerful, and better design rivals from GM. Sadly, Ford is killing itself and GM is sealing the coffin.

  2. By the time the C307 gets there, Toyota will have a much newer-tech Corolla, Honda will have just facelifted the Civic, Saturn will be a couple of years away from a new Astra, and the Focus, as good as it is, will have to put up a far bigger fight than it currently has to. But Ford didn’t have the foresight to bring this car over to North America when it was brand-new, when it could have trounced anything Toyota, Honda, GM, and the Koreans could throw at it.
       Who couldn’t have predicted the trend to small cars as early as 1998? Seems no one in Dearborn could.

  3. let’s not forget that when the “new” Focus gets here, a new one will be coming out in Europe within ayear…

    So maybe they will actually skip a generation, and just bring the next one over.(?)

  4. Why would the Euro Focus cost anymore than it’s platform-mate, the Mazda3? There is a place for premium quality smaller cars. The Mazda3 and the new Civic are all pricey, but it doesn’t seem to stop consumers from snatching them up.

  5. You’re right but that’s not Ford’s way of thinking.

    What exactly is Ford’s way of thinking? I can’t figure it out.

    Maybe that’s why I drive Hondas.

  6. Anonymous above, and Vince, you are correct: a premium compact would be perfect for the US. Why else does the Civic get plusher each time? But Ford thinks compact means stripped-bare, like the entry-level Falcons, Pintos, Aspires and Escorts it has tried to sell to Americans. Not really in keeping with a country where gas is getting expensive, and people do want more options in their smaller cars.

  7. I truley belive this will be the thid gen focus. I mean even ford wouldn’t be stupid enough to spend tooling for a model that will be replace in a year. or would they?

  8. What Vince means is that Ford moved something like 90,000 Foci last month, but at an average loss to the company of something ridiculous like $5000.

  9. Vince: I think you took some of my information that I gave and I’m cool with that but I’m suprised that someone has used my info LOL. Copy & paste the link in a new window:

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