2009 Lexus RX

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As you can see this is just a test mule, obviously using thecurrent RX body.

But it seems much higher. Weird…
Could it be something else???

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  1. Could be the hybrid with the 3.5L… the current RX400h uses the 3.3L with the hybrid. The raised height could be to over compensate for battery weight in the test mule.

  2. lol totally agree with the second post, es, camry, avalon, rx, highlander, sienna, did i miss anything…lol

  3. wow, ya now that’s better. thank goodness toyotas are ugly. hey did you hear about the 1 million vehicles recalled last week by toyota, wow! falling hard!

  4. A recall is not a failure.
    It just means they are aware of a potential problem and they are taking care of it.
    A much more responsible attitude than most other manufacturers.

    You must have a personal problem with Toyota and you should talk to them about it, or a lawyer.
    You don’t need to constently post “I hate Toyota” messages here.
    This won’t solve your problem…

  5. i read his message and its not that bad, someone is a little sensitive about toyota dont cry to much….no one talks about my toyota nobody lol

  6. Despite all the “I hate Toyota, Toyota is going down” messages on forum boards all over, Toyota isn’t going anywhere.

    In the JD Power IQS survey, Toyota went up in terms of quality, and Lexus stayed consistent. Looks like recalls and quality/reliability DON’T necessarily affect one another.

  7. As for the car, I’m not really sure what it could be. It could just be a current RX shell testing components for other vehicles.

  8. wow vince, toyotas really arent the most attractive looking cars on the road, and are pretty mundane looking. someone got a little over-offended by 2:19’s comment…

  9. i absolutely Hate Lexus. Especially the RX. It’s pretentious and Ugly. The Grille looks like a pious grin. To me that stupid L just stands for loser. Thank God I;m not like all the fancypants soccer moms driving them. Trying to impress us with your 40K piece of junk. What a laugh. And the Television ads… even worse than the cars.

  10. Thanks,everybody knows Toyota is big name in auto market and his product also good .I like it .

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