2009 VW Scirocco

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The Golf based coupe will be re introduced for the 2009 model year.
This is just another illustration, and I think it is too good do be very realistic.
Besides it looks like a 2 seater ( a sort of German CRX) when the real thing will seat four.

We should see about 10 000 more of these before the introduction of the actual car…

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  1. I guess this is supposed to be a Corrado successor? How do you pronounce Sciricco anyway? Sai-ree-ko? I think they should label this car Corrado. I wonder if VW HQ knows relabeling Golf -> Rabbit cost them thousands of units in sale. I would avoid Rabbit, just because I’d be too embarassed to tell the name of my car is “Rabbit”. But at least that’s still better than saying: “Oh I drive a Sciricco” Lose the stupid name please. -_-;

  2. The Audi TT platform is just the Golf platform but “premium-ized”.

    I didn’t know that but probably should’ve guessed so since platform sharing is so cost-effective. Thanks for the info.

    This is one good-looking car I’d enjoy seeing on the road.

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