3 Door Civic for Europe

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It’s official.

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  1. Yeah I’m sure there are tons of people over here waiting to buy a 25k+ CRX.

    Vince will this be the new entry level acura anytime soon?

  2. Yeah I’m sure there are tons of people over here waiting to buy a 25k+ CRX.

    Vince will this be the new entry level acura anytime soon?

  3. I think it should be, but who knows…

    If Mazda can sell the 3 Hatch for well under $20 000, you would think Honda could sell this as a entry level Acura.

  4. That’s 3 in an ugly row for Honda. A trifecta! And that Civic interior has to be one of the ugliest, most overwrought and overdesigned interiors around. The steering wheel is hideous, but the pedals are cool-looking. That’s about it.

  5. why to odd dash?
    Well, some like it, some don’t. Look, this thing is a redesigned Scion tC/Avensis(copy).

    I won’t give Honda one penny oc my money, not when Mazda3 is being updated, and some will tC in the next year-2, when it’s time to buy(for me).

    Both are good enough for me, and thousands less(that’s how HyunKia does it. Make it thisclose to the competitors, price it thousands less, and viola, you have sales gains!).
    Note: worldwide,the Hyundai Motor Group outsells Nissan and Honda 😉
    Not saying that Honda is bad, just that they ain’t getting my hard earned cash, when others are thisclose, out already…even if thery bring it here. If it is over 21K, no way.
    I have bills, like house payments, utilities, food, gas, insurance, and so on….
    rather pay those and live indoors, than buy the car, and live in it. 😉

  6. first of all this car is UGLY. wow a new honda, it’s everything i’ve ever dreamed of! not. and secondly, acura is not going to make this or anything like it their new entry level, that’s the whole point of them dropping their RSX and having the sportier version of honda’s newre civic place it for next year. acura is trying to up their image so that their base car will be the already almost 30k TSX. get with the program.

  7. Caliber is ok,and yes, with the upcoming 300HP turbo, it will be fast. To some of us buyers, though, fast does not = a quality product.

    I’d rather have a PT Cruiser turbo than the Caliber(the Neon was nicer).

  8. Maybe Hyundai outsells Nissan and Honda worlwide, the reason? Cheaper car. Money wise.
    The Caliber? Please! put all the American name cars made in Mexico and China and I will still buy a Honda.
    Honda maybe more expensive but the quality, realability and deapresiacion? Honda is better over all. Toyota is good but they are too greedy with safety (curtain air bags)they want you to pay extra.
    Lots of Honda are and will be built in the goog USA.

  9. The interior is smoking HOT.

    Personally, I think the car is too small for pricing at 25K, and I don’t think Honda is gonna sell it as an Acura because the interior is just too similar to Civic.

  10. I wonder, does anyone have links/proof that the Alero was Not a good car?
    Post links, (not attacks), with facts.
    Thanks, and have a good 4th of July weekend.

  11. What the fuck does a 3 door civic only sold in europe have to do with the alero?
    Nobody gives a flying fuck about the alero.


  12. well, hope this does come to the U.S., afterall.
    Even if I never buy one; the more competition, the more other makers have to step-up.

    Also good to have other options out there.

  13. Ah-ha! mans attacks alero, i posted facts, he curses(shows lack of cranial material, thus the lack of synapses firing).
    Honda rocks,

    Vince, mnaybe the wole board shold have Mandatory sign up, and 3 strikes, yer out?




  14. get a brain was posted towards the genius who






    alck of an adult-like repsonse.

    Either a uaw worker, or someone of same cranial functions, or a kid on here.

    take it easy, Vince. Great site, My last post here.

    Too bad some ruin things on here.

    Nice visiting the site, but not the retard comments from some of the trogglydites on here.
    madatory sign ups, and i’ll be glad to psot again, if not, i’ll still read YOUR Commments(seems very few people on here are as articluate as you are, Vince).

    Have a good weekend, Vince.

  15. Last Post: sorry about above commments attacking folks on here,(not all folks)and the retard comment, sorry…(I do know a guy who’s brother is literally retareded, they call it mentally handicapped now? Just got sick of the childish behavior, so I returned “fire”, in kind, since that is the only way some people respond to stimuli).

    Great Site, just a few that mess up the forums.

    Keep up the great work on the site, i will still enjoy reading your(Vince’s) daily posts, and that’s it. If I return here, I’ll be banned for what I say next time, to the “offenders”.

  16. vince, please delete the last 2 replies I posted, that were at 956 and 10:06 on thursday pm PST.

    Others may feel comfortable stooping to new lows, attacking and name calling…..but not me.

    Again, please accept my apologies, Vince(etc…) thanks.

    Wish I could go back and delete the remarks myself.

  17. Busy, fussy, and childish design. A car for the less-than-tasteful amongst us.

    But quality looks to be good. And it’s a Honda.

    Okay, be tacky, but drive smart.

  18. I think that the topic took a turn about midway up this thread, it appears.
    Started out about Hyundai outselling Honda worldwide, then progressed downwards from there.

    Anyhow, If we get this….. it will attract people akin to how Scion grabbed the attn of others, people who may never have thought of buying a Toyota, ever.
    And attract a fari amoutn of Honda loyalists, too.

  19. that autoweek graphic looks good, but since we have seen this version on Vince’s site, Gimme this one. The other looks like an Accord, which is ok, but not as unique as this version(on Vince’s site).

  20. that autoweek graphic looks good, but since we have seen this version on Vince’s site, Gimme this one. The other looks like an Accord, which is ok, but not as unique as this version that Vince hsa posted.

  21. This car looks FANTASTIC! Slap a CRX badge on it and give to me.

    Why can’t any of the doomestics make a nice looking car like this. All they ever put out is rental cars.

  22. Don’t get too attached to this. Even if it makes it here(ever), there’s alwyas the chance it will be a watered down version.

    Just like the Antara they showed a few months ago(3 door, wild looking suv/Opel). It was supposed to replace the Saturn Vue, but then last month, the “real” replacement showed up on TCC, Detnews, etc, and it was a 5 door, that looks like they took a Santa Fe, and put an Opel front end on it.
    The result? Not as good looking as the original 3 door from the autoshow.
    Same for the Ion replacement. They showed a decent looking 3 door, and now the news sites said that the 5 door will be here(instead).
    Companies, in general , need to send European designs here(of course, tweak ’em enough for to pass any test for U.S. market) as-is.

  23. Well, just got back from the public library, and read August 2006 eidtion of Road and Track: Guess what they said about this car?
    It is 100% for Europe Only, not for USA.

    They said we laready have the si, and this will be like it, except tuned(suspension) more, and *look different(better than si, I say).

    Oh well.

  24. fegot 2 add 2 my above post, Think that R&T article stated it would be called the Civic “R” type(for racing, perhaps?)…. if I am recalling this correctly, that is).

    Hopefully, Honda will eventually sned us a copy.

  25. While the headlight slash reminds me of a Klingon design, I’m starting to think that the taillight slash looks like Cylon eyes, LOL.

    And I LOVE that driver’s area. It looks like a cockpit.

  26. Douchebag Jones said…

    “ive said it once an ill say it again..the caliber will blow this jap turd in the water”

    Wow, the mental image there. I mean, IN the water, not even ON the water? How does it breathe? That must be fellatio of a very high, uhm, caliber. LOL.

  27. Anonymous said…

    Pages full of recalls for Honda.
    Alero recalls:

    Any maker can have a recall.

    Let’s knock off the attacks, and stick with facts.

    You don’t like Honda, or GM, or whatever, fine.

    That’s a very good point, but who sold more cars, Honda or Olds? Wouldn’t more complaints tend to be related to higher sales?

  28. Something is wrong with the comments here.
    I can’t see all of them from where I am (?)
    And some people are able to post under someone else’s name.
    Now you just need to know someone’s web page to post as them.
    I Emailed blogger about this but these guys are usually hopeless.
    If I can’t resolve this I will shut down the comments all together soon.

  29. Vince, if you didn’t hide behind your computer and disguise yourself as “Douchebag Jones” to try to provoke people, then you wouldn’t have this problem.

    We all know that you are actually Douchebag. Someone’s traced your IP address as being the same as this Douchebag’s, and the evidence is there: one of your other blogs has the same layout as Douchebag Jones’ blog. Don’t think we are so stupid.

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