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The 3 door version of the European Honda Civic.
Not sold here, but there is still a rumor it might end up as a new entry level Acura, replacing the RSX (dead after 2006).

More pictures to come…

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  1. Considering the fact that the other Euro Civic looks pretty much exactly the same, but has two more doors and infinitely more functionality, it leads me to believe that the only reason why they would release the 3-door at all is so that it can be released in America. They wouldn’t want to sell the 5-door version because it would detract from people buying the TSX 4-door.

  2. I think what the fifth gear guy said is true: “This design makes other competitors looks a century older … probably sending all others go back to their drawing broad … “

  3. Looks good, and 3 doors!
    My problem is that, seeing as the loaded up Civic(when i checked locally) was 19,535(with Shipping/Handling charges)…. this thing will be what?

    Probably more than I am willing to spend.

    I’ll wait for the Scion FUSE(rumored to replace the current tC, which we have one, a very fine car indeed…as long as you don’t plan a trip longer than 90 minutes long…gets uncomfortable).

    This does look good, but I am only willing to spend x-amount on any Civic, no matter what they call it.

  4. http://townhall-talk.edmunds.com/direct/view/.ef96520

    Spectra/Coupe(2008?)….. there’s one link with a graphic, from a German site, shows something that kind of looks like a Mustang(Kia ED/Coupe?).
    V6, 200HP?

    I might be willing to take a chance on this, vs this 3 door Civic.
    If this Civic were 18K-19K, loaded up,like the tC’s and (although not 3 doors, but sporty, affordable car) Mazda3’s, or even Hyundai Tiburon…..
    (more like have their prices come down to Earth, where they used ot be for a Civic, years ago)….
    I’d buy one.
    With what’s out there….or going to be out there pretty soon….
    Who knows?
    More competiton out there, maybe prices will be more reigned in that before?
    Yes, that FUSE looks good, also.

    take care-not offense.

  5. Someone said “no lines/style/ egg-shape” above?
    To me, this thing is light years ahead of that so called” thing of beauty”, the upcoming Chrysler Sebring(I know, apples vs oranges, for what they are, but design/looks vs looks….this 3 door Civic wins. At least is looks different, not cobbled together piecemeal like that eyesore Sebring).
    Some may disagree, but that’s cool, too.

  6. The new Sebring reminds me more of a car that looks the part of an “older” persons car, where as this civic 3 door = Youthful looking car.

    It is easier to sell an old man a youthful looking car(or anyone else) than to attempt to sell an “old” person(looking) car to an old guy(or anyone else, I should know… I am “middle” age myself).

    Of course, there are always exceptions to the above “rule”.

  7. blacklaser Padwin. esta brutal brutal brutallllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lo quiero lo quiero lo quieroooooooo. I could love this car foreverrrr, yes yes yesssssssssss.

  8. In Europe, the Golf II was called “The egg” at the time it went out…:-))) Honda Civic pushes it to the whole new level. And I like it! Honda has new point of reference, they can work it out in next, next gens. Well, some (Renault) are trying, too and it’s not about eggs at all…http://www.auto.cz/main.php?site=katalog_auto&id_modelu=333 By the way, Honda decided that “eaglehead” rear lamps are not good for Old World…http://news.auto.cz/aktuality/honda-civic-sedan-na-ceskem-trhu-take-jako-hybrid.html

  9. If this is “just” a Civic, and not over 20K, I may consider it(if/when it gets to USA). Also depends on what kind of deal I could possibly get on it(One guy I know from SW KY has a dealership that will knock off 1000 dollars, of the Top Model Civic, and they still make a few hundred. Maybe they would knock off 1K off of this? It would be worth a 3 hour drive to say 1K).

    We shallhave to wait and see.

  10. I’m older than the average Buick buyer and I think ALL the new Honda Civics are great-looking cars (I have an ’04 Accord EX-L sedan that looks good to me, too).

    The egg-shaped 3 and 5 door Civics are far ahead of any competing cars IMO. I hope they find their way to the U.S. to join the sedan and coupe models.

    You can sell young cars to old people, but you can’t sell old cars to young people!

  11. Sorry Vince, but you are not the first one infact you are very late to the party. I have been seeing all the pictures on japanesecarfans.com
    By the way are you also aware Honda was testing a convertable version of the same car?
    Check it out and you’ll probably learn something new this time about this car.

  12. I quack : ”You can sell young cars to old people, but you can’t sell old cars to young people!`”

    Very interresting comment…

  13. This is on freakin HOT car!!! Design-wise this thing definitely pushes the envelope.

    I have an ’04 Civic Si hatchback and I love how tight and well put together the car is. Yeah yeah yeah…Honda should’ve kept the 200hp from the Type-R, but, it’s really fun, sporty, everyday practical car. This new design in 3 or 5dr configuration…if Honda brings it to the US will be my next car!!!

  14. The picture of the convertible I have seen so far is a big fake.
    So I am not sure that car even exists.

    Same for the 3 doors, I have only seen illustrations before this picture.

  15. We have a blue, 2005 tC, with automatic as only option. We paid 17,199. with this, we got the sunroof,MP3/cd/am/fm- 6 speakers-160 watt stereo, cruise,etc….
    Now, if this is coming to the U.S,. in order for Honda to entice us to look, it had better have at least a 2.4/160HP I-4, like the tC, and similar equiptment(or more).
    Price? If it’s over 18,500, we will pass.
    Honda’s are good, but their prices seem to be going higher than Toyota’s, even.

    take it easy.
    No offense meant by my comments, just the way I feel. IF I can get a decent product for less cash, and similar quality, etc…..

  16. I can’t imagine anyone would be impressed when I tell them I saw a photo of Honda’s ghastly little Civic 3-door since photos of this ugly conveyence have been on the web for quite a while. Too bad the looks don’t improve once you’re inside. Sorry VB, but you’re just a little late.

  17. I can’t believe some of you guys think that’s a good looking car! It’s fugly in my opinion. To each his own I guess.

  18. I will be praying to the Automotive Gods that Honda brings this to the United States.

    Until cars fly…this will be my personal space ship!!!

    Forward thrusters full speed ahead!!!

    Warp 7!!!

  19. “Anonymous said…

    I will be praying to the Automotive Gods that Honda brings this to the United States.

    Until cars fly…this will be my personal space ship!!!

    Forward thrusters full speed ahead!!!

    Warp 7!!!”

    Funny you say that, because the shape of the headlight/grill slash looks to me like some Klingon design.

  20. I only see a few automakers building good, or Different- looking “compacts”, Honda, Scion, Hyundai, , Suzuki(not talking which is best quality, but best looking. Suzuki Reno looks good, 07 Elantra,this 3 door Civic, and the Scion tC).
    Cobalt? Inoffensive, yet, does nto jump out at you.
    No Thanks. It looks like a SUV-me-too.
    Kia Spectra. if Vince’s Spy Shot is correct, then it will become bland.
    Nissan Sentra? When has it looked above avg, 1994.5 limited model, perhaps, or the 91-94 SE-R?
    Same for that Versa. They shou;ld have built the 3 door concept, vs this 5 door “bland”-mobile.
    Toyota Corolla? Eh.
    Unless they do a major face lift.

  21. silLet me add to my above post. The 07 Elantra, while not out yet, some say it looks great, some say a Corolla knock off.

    Corolla is not bad, but, like the Cobalt… nothing that makes me want to write a check right now.

    Caliber is ok, but , does nothing for me.

    The Reno, it looks good. May not have the quality , mpg, or speed of others, but that isn’t what the last/above post of mine was about.

    To be honest, the last tiem a car jumped out at me like this was the tC, and before that? The first year Altima.

    Of course, this is all opinions only, mine.
    So relax, all of us. 😉

  22. If I Just wanted a “speed buggy”, the Caliber is coming out with a 23K-25K(or so) AWD 300HP turbo version this Summer.
    This Civic does come out, and people looking for bang 4 the buck, they will have plenty of compteition(but not in th elooks dept. This car does look good).

  23. Gee Honda, I hope the gas tank is close to the new foolhardy plastic rear hatch design so we can look foward to more motor vehicle fires and fatalities in rear end collisions all over North America!!! Can you say Ford Pinto???

  24. “Anonymous said…

    Same for that Versa. They shou;ld have built the 3 door concept, vs this 5 door “bland”-mobile.”

    Yeah, the Sport Concept is screaming hot.

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