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That’s a surprise.
I didn’t expect this until after the new CRV.

The current Stream is based on the CRV so I would expect this one to be based on the new CRV (duh…)

Honda was considering bringing the Stream over here a couple of years ago. So I think we have a good chance of seeing this one in the US.
The new CRV still being a 5 seater, this new 7 passenger model would complete the line up very well.
Sort of “giant Fit”.

This is the current model, not sold in the US.

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  1. The new Stream looks much better than the toyota matrix. Does it have 4WD option? If so, i sure hope Honda brings it over here to US, i could really use this car.

  2. Well you can definitely see where Honda got their inspiration for the window line on the new CR-V. Just look at the back side window on the last gen. Stream

  3. Douchebag, you do truely live up to your name, don’t you. American Cars are all CRAP! Just take a look at relaibility and resale value figures…

    As for the Stream … it looks like a sexy Volvo V50 … Honda’s doing big things and I hope they don’t dissappoint us with the CR-V. Bring the Stream to the US!

  4. Any more news about the Stream in North America? I’ve been drooling for a while about getting an economic vehicle to run with 6 or 7 passenger capacity (beside the Mazda 5).

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