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Just to clarify things.
From this picture you can see the new panoramic windshield option in the Astra comes with a sun blocker you can roll down all the way to where a normal roof line would start.
You can see the tracks on top of the door…

So they did think about that “sun in the eyes” problem.

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  1. Totally brilliant.

    Windshield replacement cost can’t be any worse than what MB charges for their cars w/ rain sensor… which I heard is over $1000.

  2. As long as you have insurance, the windshield replacement is pretty much whatever your deductable is anyway…

  3. I like it.
    Wish GM would send over the 3 door Antara(Vue) replacement(read it will be the 5 door) and 3 door Astra(again, read it will be the 5 door…. on various other news sites).
    Keep up the great work, Vince. Excellent site, information, pix.

  4. Vince, is this the 3 door(from the other post you had up, the one prior to this, before you knew of the sunshade(?)…) from you other post?
    I had read they will not bring a 3 door here(read it on other news sites), but maybe the sedan and a 5 door(due to crossovers/”wagons” being so “hot” today).

    Can you verify if this is true, or not, or unsure?

    I wish they’d bring all 3 version of Astra here to USA.
    A 3 door might be interesitng, especially with that windshield.

  5. If they make this a sedan and a 5 door( akin to the Malibu Maxx), it might be ok.
    Or, even better, make it look akin to say an Elantra GT or even a Suzuki Reno 5 door; more car- like than wagon/suv/whatever- thing.

    Enough 5 door wagons floating around. need mroe car like 5 doors.
    Maybe even make it like that Mazda RX-8(correct?)….. still have 4(or 5 for the Astra) doors, but have 2 hidden.

    Also, that interior(on last thread on Astra, prior to this one), ok, but that center stack needs work, maybe nicer materials?

    If it looks like a wagon, count me out, for even considering one. Some like ’em, I don’t.
    take care-not offense.

  6. Let me rephrase my last post about wagons: I can tolerate maybe a few versions, like the Rabbit 3 door, or 5 door. Just some remind me of updated 70′[s wagons, and thjat is not for me.

    take care-not offense

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