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Just an illustration …
The Coupe market isn’t really on fire right now. I think Audi would have to come up with something pretty spectacular to pull buyers from their Mercedes and BMW coupes…

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  1. Especially with their usual ”boxy” shape. It just doesn’t work on a coupe. Their only exception is the TT.

  2. audi has good cars initially but they need to work on reliability, long term quality, and resale value… and it didnt work on the tt either…..

  3. This is sweet! But props to Chris Bangle? Maybe after a good spanking and two years at a decent finishing school (or at least at a respectable design institute).

    Good job, Audi.

  4. Hey at least it looks better than the new 3 Series Coupe, which looks like it came from Korea or Japan.

  5. I don’t understand why this is the A5 and not the A4-Coupe. Its just platant price gouging on the part of manufacturers (same with the E92 3-Series and all the Mercedes coupes). You’re paying more for less functionality, and features at a price.

    I know nobody is forcing me to buy them, but still, its a little annoying.

  6. i agree the clk is the worst it costs what 10,000 more than the c class and its just a c class coupe, with the same interior. and i was reading it actually costs less to produce a clk than it does a c class, talk about a rip off…..

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