BMW 3 Series wagon

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One good looking wagon coming up.

Top of the line should be the new Turbo 6 available in the new coupe.

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  1. should have put those tail lights on the sedan.. would have looked so much better.. dont’ know what they were thinking

  2. About the NEW picture…

    I think those 2 mufflers look awsome. I also like the muscular bumper. Finally, you can notice that the roof is very slanted towards the rear of the car, just like a Dodge Magnum. Not very practical but good looking.

  3. VINCE : Your site seems to have a problem with Internet Explorer… ”stack overflow at line 54”…

  4. Damn it, the Twin Turbo I-6 doesnt really gel with what BMW’s values are, but, that might just be me. Stick with naturally aspirated cars.

    While I’m on it, the new M3 should have something like a 3.5 – 4.0 liter straight-6 with 350-400 horses.

  5. i have to agree bmws shouldnt be turbocharged, and the m3 should have a inline 6..i love bmws but i think i would be worried how reliable these cars, and turbo 6 sounds like alot of problems, and what was the point the m3 has 333 horses this car onlyhas 300 they could have made a non turbo inline 6 with 300 horses

  6. You people are fucking morons. The above pic is a 3 series wagon with the sport package which is already out on the market in europe. Don’t get ur panties all in a bunch. Both 3 and 5 series wagons have been on the market for months now. Oh and for anybody that is still confused, this is the 5 series wagon.

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