Bullit all over again

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Both legends in the streets of San Francisco, again…

What a sight.

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  1. One of the best car movies ever filmed, along with french connection, italian job, gone in 60 seconds, fast and furious and many others, for those that dont remember or werent born yet click this……..

  2. that mustang looks clumsy, and i hear with 500hp it only goes 0-60 in 4.5 pretty slow for 500 horses, the ctsv does 4.7 with 400, corvette 4.2, and so no thats alot of horsepower to only be as fast as the old cobra, with 390 horsepower

  3. I can’t believe nobody has mentioned that it was the Dodge CHARGER that was in “Bullit”, and not the Challenger. All three are pretty orgasmic automobiles.

    and “Anonymous #1”, the GT500 isn’t faster to 60 because its A) it has a smaller engine than the Vette, producing less torque way down low, B) Its supercharged more in the top-end, and C) it weights about 2-tons.

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