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This Chinese Crossover should be part of the US line up when Chery starts selling cars over here sometimes next year.
It is powered by a Mitsubishi 2.4 Liter engine god for 130hp.

Is it good enough?
Will it be cheap enough? (How much should it be?)
Would anyone here consider one???

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  1. i’d withhold any judgment (good or bad) until two things happen:

    1. i can check them out myself in person, and

    2. until after they’ve been on the road for a year or two to see how they’re holding up

  2. guess they were copying the lexus gx (foreign land cruiser on the interior) better than i thought these would be though. i wouldnt trust the car thought safety, and reliability sole reasons.

  3. In terms of design, its great, not a copy, and also not weird, it just looks good. Also im not too worried about the mechanicals since they are japan-sourced. This looks like it will sell.

  4. China has some human and intelectual rights issues to settle before I would make such a large investment.

  5. Guys … U remember the Mitsubishi Expo (US) and Mitsubishi Chariot/RVR (Everywhere else), I think this would be another move to make a minivan not look so much like a minivan – think Mercedes R. Ok idea, but Mitsubishi’s front-wheel drives are horrid, even in the short run. Also, interiors aren’t that strong. I rented a 2003 RVR last weekend and it squeeking and rattling like hell. So is it a good idea? Answer this, why did the Expo not return to the US?

  6. nice. the front looks vw-ish and the rear is very focus (hi-stacked light clusters). the inside is very upscale. the symbol mimics infiniti. the chinese is good at copying, i must say.

    vince, do you know how big is the vehicle?

  7. As if we needed another Mazda 5 with poor quality and too little power (the Mazda is fine, this will not be)!

  8. As with the Japanese and later the Koreans, product quality and safety will improve over time, only China will get there faster.

    In fact, we all should be extremely thankful they’ve entered the market. Can u imagine the level of quality and safety the domestic manufacturers would be right now, if competition fm the asian countries never entered the u.s. market? We would still be driving GM Corsica’s & Ciera’s.

  9. ugly name, ugly emblem, ugly car, most likely to turn how a piece of shit with horrible reliability. would never buy one of these, hopefully it wont survive in the US just like daewoo.

  10. funny you should say that, because daewoo does survive in the US, in fact, it is what powers some of GM’s best cars in the US and internationally. an interesting people you americans are…

  11. Oh my, only ONE comment about it attempting to mimic the Mazda 5! Look at the name! The size! The design (hello, rear tail light placement)

    Eh. Jury is out on Chinese car companies. The Koreans had a rough start, but really got it together. Who says the Chinese won’t too?

  12. No matter how much cheaper it will be than the competition, i’d wait at least 5 years to see how they will hold up.

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