Chery V5

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Some more details on the new Chinese car.

It will be one of the 1st models offered in the US.
It seats 6 or 7, depending on options.
Standard navigation system, power everything, ABS, EBD and traction control.
About 6 inches longer than a Mazda5.
Engineered with the help of Lotus and designed in Italy.

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  1. i didn’t realize until now – the chery logo is like a squared-off inifiniti logo + the atkins brand logo!

    the car doesn’t look bad but it doesn’t look great. the taillights seems promising in terms of uniqueness. the back resembles a US Focus + Honda CRV while the front is “generic Asian automobile”

    i don’t think i’d buy a car from a new car company until it’s safety and reliability have been proven.

  2. Watch out … the Chinese are coming. They may be laughed at initially like the Korean makers were, but they will improve even faster than the Koreans did.

  3. Anonymous said…
    Why is it called a Chinese car when it was designed in Italy and engineered by Lotus?
    Does that mean you would run right out and buy one ? just cause it was drawn on paper in italy and lotus probably did the suspension doesnt mean its a great car ! ok where was it built (china) where was the materials gathered (china) who built it ? 2 dollar a day laborers (china) who profits from the sale of these cars (china) do the cars in (china) have any kinda of a realiablity record ? safety record ? quality record ? probably not for a few or many years… and now you know why we consider this car chinese..

  4. Give 4 to 5 years to the consumer market. If this car shows an average record in terms of reliability and safety, Malcolm Bricklin (who is said to be the importer) may have a winner in his hands.

    From the pictures I see, the build construction seems very good (Let’s see if it’s the same on the production car), the design isn’t bad, the list of standard equipment is very long and the price should be great.

    The first people that will buy this car are very adventurous but in 5 years, it will be a different story. I predict the chinese will completely change the automotive market. If this works, other manufacturers will start importing in the US cars that they built in China…

  5. douchbag is as he calls him self.. a douchebag.

    that said, chinese make shitty everything. but then. my powerbook, ipod, and half the electronic components in my bmw x5 are made there.. and still working fine so hmm.. i donno

    scary times i tell you!

  6. Hey American, China can be your best enemy in next 10 years, but not just for the automobile industry, will be including all the department. At moment, Chinese automobile industry is only started, it’s hard to compete with the big four global players at this stage, but Chinese government will provide the best they can do for their domestic automakers, with the right strategy, I believe one day they will overtake Ford, GM, Toyota, etc. You have probably aware what advantages that these chinses car makers can bring it on, which will definitely impact on the global automobile industry in the near future. You might not trust the cars now produced from China, complain about the quality what’s so ever, actualy I can smell your fears.

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