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  1. I am betting we will see this in the USA. Why?
    Scion tC, sold a few hundred units under 75,000 units sold for 2005( this is excellent, and this is one model, consider that Mazda3 sold close to 95,000 units, witha 5 door and sedan).
    They have had a few record sales this year to, for tC.

    Honda may want some of that market?

    Tiburon sells maybe 20-24,0000 units per year, and Eclispe sold about 27-30,000 last year?

    And the Mustang(I know, RWD, different idea, etc) is a 2 door, but sold well over 100,000 units last year, I believe( reason why Chevy is making a new Camaro?).

    Ya also have that VW GTI(?) that is selling wel, 3 doors(?).

    Bring it on over, and don’t over price it.

    For 20K+, there’s GTI, and if ya like speed for 23K, (althought not a 3 door/2 door coupe) that upcoming 300HP Caliber/AWD(?) is coming out soon.

    Keep the price South of 20K.

  2. The concept had half-suicide doors, similar to the Saturn Ion Quad Coupe, but this production version looks like it doesn’t have those. Anyone got any info on the half-suicide doors?

  3. Half-Suicide Doors? Well, read there is also a 5 door version of this. Maybe the “ion design” , to Honda, would be a 5 door?

  4. I doubt it would cost more than this high-performance Civic Si…I doubt this makes it to America though. All indications have stated that this won’t make it here. Too bad, because more choices is always a good thing for the consumer.

  5. YEAH!!! I believe the 5 door version of this ‘work of art’ is similar to the new 2007 CR-V!!! Both are as weird, bizzare and ugly as can be!!! The Civic has horizontal tail lights like the Acura RDX and the CR-V still has those Strange vertical tailights!!! Come to think of it, those tailights on the 2007 CR-V are the only things left that would link it to previous generations!!! Everything else on the 3rd generation has absolutely nothing in common with it’s predecessores!!! Honda’s new radical designs leave much to be desired!!!

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