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  1. Hmm, from this angle it looks like a turtle.

    Summer should put “Futiristic” on the rear window of his M.C., just to complete the package, LOL.

  2. That tail design is needlessly complex. I’ve seen the 5 door here in Holland and it looks great until it drives by and those mismatched surfaces are exposed.

  3. Gotta laugh at Douchebag Jones.

    Here’s a guy living in Modesto who drives a Monte Carlo.

    Could there be bigger two-time loser?

  4. If this hatch goes down to the bumper, as far as it appears to, that could be a ton of usable cargo hauling interior space, with fold flats seats(?) ..(vs tC we own. It hauls enough, but the back “well” is not as deep as the Tiburon or the Reno).

  5. What’s up with all the newly designed Honda’s using the rear hatch as part of the bumper? Insurance companies all over America must be in on this travesty! This foolhardy and ludicrous design flaw should not be allowed in the U.S., if only for safety reasons!!!!!

  6. The EU Honda Civic hatchback reminds of concept cars Mercury used to make in the 80s.
    It looks fine to me, and its styling is “futuristic” enough to be acarof the late noughties.

    Lonesome Lenny

  7. I just can’t love this car. There’s no doubt it looks like little else on the road (save the 1987 Mercury Sable’s light bar).

    Maybe if I were a pimply 17 year old, I’d understand it. Perhaps that’s the point of the Civic design.

    Hmmm…to be 17 again and love this car…where do I sign up? Pass the Clearasil!

  8. Relax…relax. Honda is using an inexpensive, easy to replace plastic section on the lower part of it’s new rear hatches that become part of the bumper. Sheees!

  9. Who cares if the repair is costly or inexpensive? The important thing here is vehicle and passenger safety when the car is rear ended!!! Last time I checked, they still don’t manufacture vehicles with rear air bags to protect passengers from behind!!! When glass and metal debris spray occupants because of vehicle intrusion on these hatchback and wagon designs, people get injured!!! Besides, Plastic isn’t going to protect the rear of the vehicle as well as steel could!!! Honda is taking a really BIG GAMBLE with safety issues on this one just for the sake of style!!! Sorry Honda, you just lost a sale from a practical consumer!

  10. “Anonymous said…

    Relax…relax. Honda is using an inexpensive, easy to replace plastic section on the lower part of it’s new rear hatches that become part of the bumper. Sheees!”

    It might be plastic on the outside, but surely there’s some sort of metal framing underneath to provide solidity for the door’s structure, and that framing is going to get bent all to hell in a rear-end collision. Ka-ching, mo’ money for official Honda replacement parts, and maybe that’s the point.

  11. I wonder if Honda really cares about safety issues with their new models after seeing the likes of this new Civic Hatchback and the yet to be unveiled 2007 CR-V? Their new ‘A.C.E.’ program evidently forgot about rear end protection with these rediculous ‘Hatch Designs’! Just like Toyota’s new 2007 Camry, these new recessed bumpers do absolutely nothing to protect you or your investment! You can thank all the corrupt politicians in Washington for allowing this to take place!

  12. I think the USDM models look way better then those…. I even purchased a 2 Dr EX AT and i think its soo much better lookin then the euro version…

  13. Hey, dude 2 posts above me: If ya don’t like the new cars, go buy a used car!

    Buy a truck, then; something else.

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