Euro Ford Focus in the US???

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This picture was taken in the US.
Obviously, Ford is hiding all badges on the car.

Does this mean they are finally trying to bring over the “new” Focus over here???

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  1. So they’re following VW’s footsteps – bringing their compact over here 2-3 years after their initial introduction. What about the spy shots of the yet-again facelife current Focus that appeared a couple months ago?

  2. read a rumor today that says 2009 (yawn) and with the redone front grille 3 bars comming for 2007 or 2008, so who knows ? soo if they do they will overprice it and make the fiesta sell as a price leader in the states…
    all too little too late, just like the ranger, e-van, vic, marquis, town car and others, if it wasnt for the mustang, f-series and mazda clones they would have no sales !

  3. I think this would be a fantastic move on Ford’s part. I do wonder why Ford and VW delay introducing cars to the U.S. though. Do they do it so that they can vet-out problems in Europe before bringing them here? That’s what I thought about the first gen Focus, but we had a lot of problems with it the first year anyway.

  4. what a shame. it is a great little car. somehow i think ford will bring a “water-down” version of this focus to us americans. gm does the same thing. chrysler seems to be the only “domestic” brand that does it the other way.

  5. Having driven a few, the C307s are great—pity you guys have to wait for them. I know this was shot in Mexico, but are those federalized bumpers? They look a bit different to what we have.
       If Ford is worried about this car ruining the entry-level perception that it has built up with the Pinto and Escort (God knows why this is so valued), why not just chuck a bloody Mercury badge on it?

  6. Thats the ST version known it Australia as the XR5. It would be good if this got to the US. As US fords suck totally compared to those sold in Europe and Australia. If they had cars like those sold in Australia (Falcon) and in Europe they would finally have some decent lookin cars.

  7. I hope that the US doesn’t get our Euro Ford Focus. I’m soory. I was also thinking about the spy shot of the facelift Ford Focus Sedan that was caught in Detroit. That Focus Sedan will get the Ford Fusion’s grille.

  8. Sdcarnut, thank you for clarifying: I was mistaken, and you are correct.
       Laguna, may I ask why you think it would not be good for the US to get C307?

  9. JackYan: Is C307 a code name for this Focus? I think after the Ford Focus Sedan has had its facelift in 2007, I think it will be on sale then.

    I don’t think its a good idea for the US to get the Euro Focus because its European specification and not US. It makes it unique if it is only sold in Europe but Ford exports the EU Focus to Japan, Australia etc which doesn’t make so unique anymore. I aklso think that our Focus could be in the USA in 2008 by then we will have a new generation.

  10. Anonymous said…
    “this would make douchbag’s day”

    Fun how the idiot doesnt post in this thread considering its a Ford. BUT he is soo quick to post in a Toyota thread.

  11. Laguna, yes, C307 is the internal code. Sorry for the confusion. I often use the codes to distinguish models and platforms. The US model is C170.

  12. Well even though it’s testing, that most likely means that the US will just get the German built Focus ST/XR5 Turbo alongside the existing range, rather than replacing all Focus models.

  13. The model in the photo is the 220 CV Volvo-powered ST model. I hope you Americans will receive the whole range, not just the ST one.

    New Focus look wider, better built, … better, just that.

  14. oh my goodness…

    you poor yanks!

    aussie fords could rip into your pathetic attempt at fords! aussie infused euro design would whip gm and toyota!

    but for us just keeps on stuffing around with old crap.

    if you want to see real cars…go to

    real fords!

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