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Let’s remember the 1st generation.

Here is a rare early design sketch of the first car.
Of course they toned it down, and made it look more like a Mustang copy.

This is a cool picture of an early clay model.
The production model stayed pretty close.

The fastback version, introduced later, was an even more blatant copy of the Mustang.


One of my roommate in the 80’s had a 1st generation Celica ST he had bought new many years before.
Many good times spent in that car.
It also seemed to run forever and ever….

No matter what they say, the Scion Tc is not a true replacement. The Tc is a good car, but has no style whatsoever.
The Celica was all about style.

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  1. Lol,the portable douche is still here. Anyway Toyota did a good job on the TC even though it isn’t 100% Celica.

  2. I used to own a red 1992 celica ST. it was my very first car. It looked great! It received so many stares, even from a corvette owner one time during a gas stop. i agree, the celica is “all about style”. but not performace. my ST model had a 1.6 liter engine that generated only 103 h.p. what a sick idea for toyota to put such a weak engine.

  3. Heiko:
    Is it me or is it hard to click on to these web pages?
    Anyway, with the Solaris gone and the Celica dead, what will Toyota provide for those who want style and something above a Scion coupe with a little more flare?

  4. “The Celica ST. A clever ploy to jazz up our image.” LOL.

    Why haven’t Japanese cars from the early 1980s till now had as good styling as this? Obviously, they are capable of good styling. What went wrong that made them churn out blandmobiles throughout the 1990s?

  5. I didn’t think it looked at all like the Mustang until I saw the liftback. Rip off! But seems like I remember the taillights in the States looking differently than in this photo.

    Remember the 1982 Celica with it’s laid back headlights which would stand up when turned on? That car, and it’s cousin the Supra, were very popular in my high school days. After that, Toyota got kind of lazy with the Celica designs and Americans grew out of favor with the hatchback.

    At least the hatchback isn’t dying like the Celica. I’ll miss the name and fond memories of the car.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane, Vince.

  6. Vince, there you go again opening mouth before inserting brain in gear! What is wrong with the tC styling? The tC is one of the reasons the Celica was killed. More standard equipment for a whole lot less price. And it’s actually affordable to the market that it was intended to. I sell them right of the incoming inventory list. You are like to find one sittion on the lot unless is a pre-owned or one we bought at auction for a ridiculous price. Have you checked the retail value on KBB.com for a used tC? they are actually selling for more than a new one so if you are unwilling to wait for a new some people are opting for the pre-owned. This is becoming a cult car and yes the Celica has a long gloried history, I know my first Toy was an 81 ST. No frills not even a/c but what a smooth running machine it was. Take the cars for what they are. And keep up the great “jounalism”

  7. So I can’t think for myself anymore???

    I think the Tc, even though it IS a great car, has no style at all.
    it looked dated the day it was introduced.
    It is not a true replacement of the Celica.
    maybe the next one…

    That has nothing to do with journalism, it’s just what I think.

  8. The tC is better at being a Celica than the Celica was. I don’t care what any of you think, the tC is more affordable, has more feature-content, a blingier interior, and an exterior that could fit a car that cost twice as much… All things you can’t say about the old Celica.

    Where the tC isn’t as good as the Celica is in performance. The tC needs some things that were good in the last Celica:
    -better handling
    -better high-rev engine performance
    -better fuel economy

    …but if you think about it, and read those original Toyota Celica ads, the tC fits more with what the original ads said…. It’s high on value, and higher on performance (but is not going to let performance trump value: which is what happened to the Celica and made it get replaced.

  9. Well the tC is what it is for a reason. Try calling your insurance company and get rate quotes for both cars and see which one comes out ahead. It’s doing exactly what It was intended for; getting a younger buyer into the Toyota showrooms so when it’s time for them to move up as their lifestyle changes they are already familiar with Toyota quality and reliability so more than likely they will buy a Toyota and stay with the Toyota family. We were starting to get worried a few years ago before Scion came out as most of our customers were in the 56 year old average range. Luckily this brand (Scion) is bring in the young college grad or working high school senior/college freshman with jobs living at home that can afford an xA or xB and if they really work hard at both jobs sometimes a tC. Great marketing move by Toyota. Keep up the good work Vince, I just like to mess with you once in a while. I would like to see more spy pics of the upcoming Corolla. TMS is keeping very quiet (as usual) with the looks of the car. However you may have noticed a distinct “family” resemblance in the last two or three vehicles that have been introduced. Mainly the Avalon, new Camry, and Yaris sedan which incidentally is knocking them dead. It actually is a quieter car than the current Corolla. I still appreciate whay you say and think. Have a great weekend.

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