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The Saab based Cadillac BLS has been declared a flop by the European press.
GM has sold 400 units in April. Well under the 10 000 a year goal.

I think most Europeans will get a better known brand for the same price. Or the real Saab 9-3.
And that blunt squared off style isn’t for everyone, especially over there.

Besides, I think the appeal of an American car overseas is to.. Well… Be American.
Most people won’t even consider a car from the US, but the ones who do expect something special.
Not a rebadged European car.

Any European readers here who could give us some feedback????

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  1. It’s fairly simple. If you want a large sport sedan (yes, it’s large in european standard) you’ll buy 3-series bimmer; if you prefer comfort and luxury you’ll buy a Merc or an Audi, and if you want something special you’ll buy a X-type or 9-3

    As always, there is no reason to buy the American car (though this time it is not completely and utterly outclassed by it’s rivals)

  2. An American perspective … GM should concentrate on Cadillac’s success here in America, NOT in Europe. Cadillac needs to be the standard of the homeland before ever again aspiring to be the standard of the world. Personally, I like the BLS (and the thought of V potential variants, especially a hardtop convertible) but would rather see ultra-luxury American originality than endure another Cimarron/Catera/BLS embarassment.

  3. wrong
    the car is a hit
    stupid europeans can’t even tell how great this car is


    i don’t g 4gtr mmer c

  4. It’s just expensive.

    I like the BLS and like its two siblings (Saab 93 and Opel Vectra) but when you look at the price tag…
    I think the Opel is nicer than Saab actually.

    On top of that, BLS is NOT a true american sedan (after all, not even sold in the US).

    CLS could have been a hit, and it sells pretty OK here in Switzerland but again, prices are ridiculous.
    So my advice: lower the price of CLS and drop BLS.


  5. It’s as simple as Clarkson said on Top Gear (UKs biggest car show). The BLS is an ok car, but why would you say no to the BMW 3 series, Audi A4, Mercedes C class or Jaguar X Type and say, Yes I want this Saab 9-3 which isn’t even as good as a Saab 9-3!

  6. Problem with the BLS is that it’s basically an expensive Saab 9-3. And no-one buys Saabs. I mean, you really shouldn’t have to be a genius etc, etc.

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