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Ford will finally replace the Freestar minivan with a production version of the Fairlane concept in early 2008.

Let’s hope this “production” version stays close to this illustration, and the concept.
Ford doesn’t really have a good record when it comes to translating their concepts into production…

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  1. Not sure if this is good or not?

    The wifey has a Freestar…and it’s a decent van considering how cheap you can get one compared to the competitors.

    Other companies are improving their minivans and really making some top notch products. Parents still see the practicality in them! Sliding doors, stow-away seats, lots of room.

    This Fairlane is not a minivan. It will appeal to a different demographic.

    Why tank the Freestar? It was the WRONG product in the RIGHT segment. (vs. the right product in the wrong segment)

    Make a minivan that Ford can be proud of again! Build the Fairlane for another demographic.

  2. I agree the freestar isn’t that bad.
    Ford gives to easy…
    they will do the same with the Jaguar X type.

    Instead of making a new one better. they will switch to something completely different…

  3. I have seen many Windstars and Freestars used as small independent SCHOOL BUSES around the country! I can’t imagine Ford selling these organizations on the idea of the Fairlane being used as a school bus! There goes thousands of fleet sales a year out the window!!! No wonder Ford is in trouble, they just don’t think things through!!!

  4. Is everyone blind? This thing is as boring as Ford has ever been. I was hoping for Bold Moves. But what we got was Boring Crap!

  5. I remember when Taurus, Continental and Jaguar S-Type all had a simular tail light design theme. The new XK has a dead ringer for a Taurus grill. This Fairlane concept has a Range Rover nose. Range Rover cues should be unique to Range Rover. I have no idea what a Ford should look like, and unfortunately, neither does Ford. Nose excepted, the rest of the design is plain and in very good taste – a sure disconnect with the tastes of the American car buyer.


  6. Why the recent backlash against minivans? First Mazda announces they’re going to dump the MPV in favor of the CX-9, and now Ford’s going to drop the Windstar for this. I don’t personally have or need a minivan at this point, but I recognize that they are some of the most practical, functional, and safe vehicles out there. I’m so tired of seeing silly poseurs driving in monster SUVs because they think they’re too “cool” to be seen in a minivan, even though it would suit their needs better. Plus, minivans will outhandle most SUV’s any day.

  7. Ford actually has a great reputation turning concepts into production vehicles. Check out the Ford GT, the Mustang, Thunderbird, F-Series, etc. Even the Fusion is a pretty good interpretation of the 427 Concept…

  8. Nice looking vehicle. Meant to move lots of people and stuff like a minivan. Minivans replaces station wagons, will this people mover replace the minivan?

  9. To Anonymous above…

    Only if they make it even MORE practical than the current crop of minivans.

    Minivans replaced station wagons because they were more practical.

    Ever pull into a parking spot and try to get groceries and/or kids out of conventional rear doors? Sliding doors are a dream come true.

    This Fairlane doesn’t even have those.

    Like I said and Vince agreed…Ford has a habit of bailing too soon just when they are ‘this close’ to getting it right.

    The Fairlane might be a great vehicle, but it’s no minivan replacement.

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