Holden Astra SRi Turbo

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That would make one great Saturn Astra Red Line.

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  1. Nothing is truely American anymore… everything is now more Amexican… as in the United States of Amexica…

  2. I’m glad Holden chose to change the front and rear bumper bars of the showroom ready model. This was it looks much better than just a CDX coupe with a body kit.

    Not sure about the Vauxhall grille though

  3. Douchebag Jones makes me laugh.

    He’s from Modesto and drives a Monte Carlo.

    Talk about a two-time loser!

    By the way, that new Astra is an ideal replacement for the silly, ION.

    Saturn’s cars might be just what GM needs to put a modern face on the company.

  4. The Holden is built in Europe in the same factory as Opel and Vauxhall versions. If Saturn gets this import, it will come from the same factory. They will probably change something to make it less attractive, since they always do.

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