Hyundai Accent 3 door

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After driving the sedan a couple of weeks ago, I would love to try this new hatchback version.

The 3 door is even cheaper, starting at around $10 500.
If you load it up with power stuff, high end stereo and a sunroof, the sporty SE model can top at around $15 000.

One of the best entry level car around.

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  1. I sit back and see all of the new cars that Hyundai is putting out, and it is amazing. I am begining to think that this car company is not all that bad after all. My thinking that way is bad for General Motors, because I have never bought anything else but GM !! Those GM guys must be watching their empire crumble before them. Nothing they are building, or are about to build, with the exception of the new camaro, has any excitement about it.

  2. Hyundai’s new generation cars are filled with quality. Hyundai just won 3rd place in JD powers quality survey, just behind porsche and Lexus. That makes them the highest scoring non-luxury brand ahead of Toyota, Honda and Nissan. With low prices and high quality, you get a great value, which is why Hyundai’s customer satisfaction and loyalty are so high.

  3. Now that is what I’m talking about! High style for little money. Why are the two usually exclusive?

    Since they were such horrible quality in the early years, they had nowhere to go but UP. And while they have ATTACKED their quality issues, other car makers are attempting to cut back and reduce their work force.

    Which one is going to make a better product at the end of th day?

  4. Potential candidate for the ugliest car sold in North American Market, thou by far “handsome” in Korean standard.

  5. First Anonymous,

    GM owns a fair chunk of Hyundai. But with that said, I do hope that their Empire does crumble. After myself (and my parents) have owned a GM vehicle, we’ve all sworn never to buy one again. And for that reason, I would never buy a Hyundai or Kia…

  6. Uh, Hyundai is not owned by GM. Why do you think they are actually experiencing success? lol.

    Actually, GM could learn alot from Hyundai about making quality products that are great value that consumers want.

  7. “GM owns a fair chunk of Hyundai.”

    Wrong. GM owns what was once marketed as Daewoo. That’s the Korean car company that they bought for pennies on the dollar. Now marketed under the Suzuki name.

    Hyundai’s quality has been improving steadily. I have seen how they have progressed over the last 5 years. Compared to the competition? I think Toyota and Honda are the two they have in their sights. They are getting closer every design. In two years they will be the number 3 name brand in the U.S. market.


  8. Brief clarification:

    GM’s deal with Suzuki is different than GM’s ownership of Daewoo — Daewoo is South Korean, Suzuki is Japanese — the two companies are not related, other than building auto products.

  9. So I guess when cars shrink to this size, they must all look like this? Looks like another disposable car. At least they last longer than two years now.

  10. To me, it looks like the Buick Vibe.
    TO ME, Kia, Hyundai,Suzuki,GMC,FORD ARE WORTH THE S*IT. USELESS CARS.They got what they deserve, making crapy cars for many years. I am one on the many who couldn’t spend nore money (few thousend more)on cars like Honda or Toyota. So I got crop with american brand names. All of those American brands are made in Mexico and China.
    I been buying Hondas since 2003 (five cars) and the safety it is standard (curtain air bags)
    Do not mean to offend any one but I really got screw many times in the past. There is no pride in American Cars when there were built.CEO figured out that many Americans like to change cars every 3 years or do, that it why their cars won’t last s*it.
    This is only my opinion guys.


  11. I will NEVER buy an American car again. I worked for a car rental company years back.. Every bloody car whether it be a ford, gm, or chrysler had unreasonable issues within their first 6 months. Everything from fuel gauges not working (gm) to a 4WD system crappign out and seizing (ford). Japanese cars are where it’s at. (and now Korean) My wife bought a 2000 accent brand new. It’s still running with over 200KM on it and there has been get this…. 0 ZERO 0 problems with it. I should note that she is a shitty hard driver too.

  12. And if you believe the above statement, I have some incredible oceanfront property in North Dakota I’d love to sell ya. Cheap!

  13. why spend $10,000 on a new car when years later you pay hefty resale depreciation when you could buy a nicer used car. $10,000 could get you into a 2001 BMW 323i with 50,000 miles. would you rather drive a BMW or a hyundai?

  14. I saw the car, and it looks surprisingly good, even better than the Yaris IMO. hyundai is definitely on its way up

  15. douchebag jones, u’re confusing North Korea with South Korea which is 10th largest economy in the world, where apartment goes for several millions of US dollars, with hip trendy bars and restaurants. U should get yourself some education before u post comments and make fool out of yourself.

  16. Hyundai is the next force to be reckon with. Goin to eat Toyota, Honda, and Nissan alive in the following decade. The latest JD Power survey is the proof.

  17. Buick VIBE!?

    Before criticizing American cars, you should at least be able to name them.

    And if they meant the Pontiac Vibe, it’s a Japanese built Toyota anyway.


  18. Douchbag Jones makes me laugh.

    Here’s a guy who lives in Modesto and drives a Monte Carlo.

    Could there be a better example of a two-time loser?

  19. Let me name American Brand cars that almost made me get into debt.
    I got a Ford Turus 97, in 1998 it last for about a year, transmission went and my wife was the driver (drives really slow)
    I got a 97′ Dodge Intrepid, I got it used (two years old) and as soon as I got it the transmission line that runs fron the Ratiador went, no biggie. Transmission went after it got 38K miles and the warranty will not cover because the cars was almost four years old. We got a 01′ Mercury Montaineer with 40K miles in 2002, what a nigthmare, engine problems and dealer fees, nice SUV but crapy engine.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love this Country, that is the reason I used to buy American brands cars, but I got screw many times. Believe me, I am not the only one who feels this way.
    I do not mean to offend anyone or specially my USA.

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