Hyundai SUV

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That is one big SUV for Hyundai. About the size of an Explorer.

The “code named EN” looks almost ready here.
You can even see the design of the grille behind the blue plastic cover.

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  1. Vince, Hyundai executives were mulling around with the name ‘MESA’ for this humongous ‘BEAST’ for a while but finally settled with the name ‘EQUUS’! Just what America needs at this moment in time, another ‘AIRCRAFT CARRIER’ to hog the roads of America and deplete our oil supplies! People who buy and use these Monstrosities should be tared and feathered in public for their atrosities againsy the environment and other motorists’ rights!

  2. I don’t think so.

    Equus is the name of their super lage (Mitsubishi based) sedan they sell only in Korea.
    (and I actually got a few rides in one)
    A new Equus is due soon. But not as an SUV.

  3. That’s right, I’m a Korean, and Equus is a wonderful luxury car from Hyundai. Equus will probaly be priced around mid-30s while in Korea it can go 70 grand. (The Hyundai Azera is at least 30K with no options in Korea, so you guys are getting it REALLY cheap)

    Anyway, this SUV, or MESA whatever will be only for North’s not good for narrow Korean streets anyway…

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