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Rumors are Toyota is counting on a formula 1 win next year.
And they’ve pretty much scheduled the all new GT to come out around the same time.
They’ve been after F1 for years and they have a huge budget.
And…They don’t give up.

This front end looks a bit weird to me, but it does seem to match exactly the spy shots that have been around the web for a while now.
Will enough people pick a Lexus over an Aston Martin?
Maybe in the US…

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  1. I love the look of it. It’s very fresh. It doesn’t look like ferrari or masarati or any other high-end Italian cars I’ve seen. Kudos.

  2. i see a lot of the 2005 celica in there (the sloping hood with tapering creases and the slit at the base) with some of the xyr concept.

  3. The front end is odd looking because of the headlights. They harmonize with nothing and are out of place.

    Reshape them, Lexus, er, Toyota.

    But why is Formula 1 racing important? How much gas is wasted on this sport? How do car companies and consumers benefit from participation in it? I remember when Honda’s much-loved and much-touted double wishbone suspension (which was supposedly a spinoff of racing and the darling of automotive press) suddenly disappeared from the last generation Civic for cost concerns.

    I just don’t get it.

    How much will it cost consumers when they purchase their next Camry? I mean, it doesn’t come for free.

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