Mazda MX-5 Hard top

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This is not an illustration.
This is the real deal.

Mazda will actually offer a hard top version of the Miata.
it seems nobody was asking for it. Not even the dealers who are also surprised.

I don’t think it is such a bad idea. The new top design doesn’t fold into the trunk, so there is still some space back there.
And it would look pretty good. The only question is, why offer 2 tops on the same model?

There can’t be that much of a difference in price. And the engineering cost must be pretty big.

There are rumors about Chrysler doing the same thing for the next Sebring convertible.
I really don’t see the point. When they will be competing with the G6 and the Eos. And the new hard top Toyota coming out in a bit over a year….

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  1. A hard top makes this car usable during all 4 seasons, everywhere in the world… Many people dream of having a miata but can’t afford 2 cars. (one for the winter). So this should boost sales…if production capacity is up to the challenge of course.

  2. Have a soft top for people that don’t want to spend alot and/or may just use the car for vacation and just be original. And the hard top would be good for people who want to pay extra and it seems to be more safer than having the soft top cut by theives.

  3. JW makes a good point about the thief factor. Where I live, I always see lots of convertables with thier tops slashed. I really feel bad for the owners when I see it. If I was in the market for an MX-5, I’d definitely go hard-top.

  4. Offering a convertible hardtop has been the trend these days with roadsters, thanks to european automakers. Both Honda and Mazda offer hardtop covers for their roadsters, which allows it to be a sports coupe when attached. A problem in Japan for many roadster owners is that there lacks enough garage space to store an extra hardtop cover. The main reasons for the hardtop are:
    1. Vandalism/Theft
    2. All Weather/Season
    3. Wind Noise/Aero dynamic/acoustic stability
    4. Safety
    5. In my opinion, it makes the roadster look classy.

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