New Alfa Romeo 169

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If the 166 replacement really looked like that, it would be great…
And if the 159 is ever actually sold in the US, we might even get a chance to see this larger model over here.

If, if, if……

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  1. This looks like a great competitor to the CLS. Does it to ne body else?? the roofline is relatively long and sloping, the greenhouse isn’t tall at all, and the design is flowing. I love how they somehow incorperated the sharp edgy lines of the front end to the rest of the smooth body. I WANT ONE!

  2. this is a 159 with a photo shop top, and stretched. and alfas look nothing like audis…..thats pretty funny

  3. I just read that three Alfa models (I believe this one included) are coming to US but don’t recall the year…2008 models? At least the Alfa grill can’t suck in Mothra like the Audi’s can…

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