New BMW X5

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The less camouflage it is wearing, the more it looks like the current one…

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  1. BMW needs to do well with the next X5, considering the new player from AUDI. The original X5 is a beautiful design, topping it looks like it is a chalenge so far…

  2. I´m not sure if i would recognize it as a new model on the street,really. (That´s not evolutionary, that´s standstill)

  3. Douchebag Jones seems to like American cars more than anything else in the world. I dunno if he notices or not, X5 creates more American jobs and has more American components than many “American brand cars”. Be real, if someone is looking forward to buy “imports”, how many of them think of buying cars from big 3 again?

  4. haha – it seems like BMW does either too much or too little.

    i’m glad they stuck with the basic look of the current X5. yes, the headlights are a bit lame, but the rest of the front end is nice, if not different from the current model. hopefully the interior an d rear end (esp. the taillights) are changed a bit more.

  5. Douche Bag homless jones,BMW Is way better than a stuid American car.I bet that if the Nazi’s saw you they would think your a piece of trash.I happpen to e a German and I own a 2006 Bmw 3 Series 330xi.

  6. I hope those aren’t the actual production headlights, because I don’t like them … much rather prefer the shape of the current ones.

  7. I too am not a big fan of those headlights. They actually seem quite close to the ones of the new 3-series couple, which, oddly, got the back right and the headlights wrong.

    I’ll wait to see it in the flesh, but those lamps do bother me. Very ’90’s Korean generically shaped.

  8. I thought the CAMOUFLAGE was part of the redesign for 2007! Since this model is built in the U.S. with parts from Canada and Mexico, I figured they were going to build these for the war effort in Iraq!!! What else would you use this platform for anyways???

  9. I totally agree with Mick, this is not evolutionary…

    I gotta admit, I was quite disappointed to see the pics because it didn’t have the WOW factor that BMW usually known for…

    Why is BMW playing safe this time?

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