New Corolla???

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Not sure.
This kind of looks too good and doesn’t match the actual pictures of the car I posted earlier.
But maybe. Just maybe. The US version will be much better looking that the ultra blend Japanese sedan…

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  1. douchbag jones really is a douchebag and an idiot

    I laughed out so hard when I read that he said that the cobalt looks 10 times better

    its no comparison to the current corolla in terms of design

    that piece of junk still looks like the 1 star frontal crash rated chevy cavalier… :/

    I think the new corolla will be awesome if it looks close to this

    i mean we are pretty certain that the front end will have a bumper similar to that of the yaris or the camry (wrapped around and short hood with the bumper.)

  2. Here is the pic of the 2007 avensis which is totally different from the pic vince shows ! click THIS…. sooo you may be off in your speculation ..

  3. looks like a bad photochopped to me

    front end of prius
    new g35 headlights
    lexus grille
    avalon taillights/backend
    corolla wheels made to look like 20″

  4. Hasnt this already been said in the site somewhere, ALL THOSE PICS U HAVE POSTED OF THE COROLLA SEDAN’s IS MOST LIKELY THE JAPANESE VERSION. The Euro verion sedan will be sold under a different name in JAPAN and will sold in other wealthier country like all across Europe and in Australia. The one u posted in other threads will be going to poorer countries.

    The reason the Euro Corolla will be different to the Japanese version is BECAUSE in japan they cannot increase in size too much as it will be the car is no long a mass market car (somethin like that)

    The Euro one will be bigger then the Japanese version in all dimensions and also will be based on the same platform the RAV4 and Previa/Estima is built on, in other words its moving up a class to where the 3, Golf and Focus are.

    SO this photoshop could be accurate as it matches the same frontal design of all the other Euro Hatch pics u’ve posted. And the American Corolla will most likely be based on this car then that Japan will get.

    SO i guess all u guys can do is wait and c what happens. Most of the info i wrote above is from magazine articles so i’d believe it more then anythin anyone here would say unless they work for Toyota. I am not saying that this is the next Euro Corolla but more that the Euro Corolla will NOT look anythin like the Japanese version from the outside (dunno about the inside) and that goes for the Hatch and Sedan. Also Japan will be making the Euro Corolla BUT will be sold there under a different name BUT exported to places like Australia as a Corolla

    Srsly if u dont get this into your head now, u srsly have a problem.

  5. You usually post the news that nobody else has with pix not seen elsewhere on the Internet. Thanks. Thanks also for putting up with all the dumb personal attacks despite your excellent coverage of automotive news.

  6. I hope this is not it. I do not like the Civic except for the Coupe. I would not buy this new version of the Corolla, too extreme as the Civic is too.

  7. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s close to the 2007 Corolla. I think Toyota made some changes in what it had intended the Corolla to be after observing the success of the Honda Civic’s aggressive style.

    And count me as another of your supporters, Vince. I think you do a good job with this blog.

  8. It’s really funny what people think is photoshopped. I’ve been making a living retouching automotive photos in photoshop for over ten years and from my perspective it seems most people on-line have no clue. This is a studio shot. BTW it looks nice. If this is the new Corolla then they have a winner on their hands.

  9. ?!?!
    You’ve been making a living with Photoshop for over 10 years and can’t tell this is just an illustration????

  10. 2007 corolla seems to be the most confusing model ever
    first i herd its coming in 2006 then in 2007 then in 2008,
    with corolla name, with a different name,.,….
    euro version, jap, us and poor country versions… hell which is which
    then there are different spyshots of one version…..
    i will be realy reliefed after it is unveiled

  11. A computer generated illustration made by mostly combining distorted parts of other cars using Photoshop.
    Not a drawing.

    That’s what this picture is. Not an actual studio shot of the next Corolla.

  12. Someone above posted about the size of Japanese cars and restrictions. That is correct: if a car exceeds 1,700 mm in width, it goes into a higher tax bracket. That’s why the Corolla has stayed almost the same width for generations!
       It may be the Avensis, as someone suggested. In any case, it “looks Japanese”—the national characteristics in the design come through, which may or may not be a good thing. At least they are doing their own thing and not apeing others’ designs.

  13. Douchebag Jones said…
    again, cobalt looks 10 times better than this carp

    I’ve agreed with you many times but i must say you are completely wrong. The car looks nice. This car looks like it should wear a Lexus badge.

  14. Just for those that are wondering … Toyota originally intended for the next Corolla to have more style, similar to what was done with the new Camry. That was the plan all along. Rumour has it that the new Civic caused Toyota to make the design a bit more radical. Thing is, there are more than a dozen Corolla variants out there, and Toyota may have just “radicalized” one particular Corolla model … we don’t know.

    As for that pic … it may not seem accurate to some of you, but it DOES possess Toyota’s new styling DNA, and it does have styling cues from both the new Camry and Yaris. That pic, or illustration, looks awfully similar to when illustrations of the new Camry were leaked out from Japan.

    And Vince, you seem to be confused here. You say that the US version will be much better looking than the JDM sedan, but in previous Corolla posts, you said multiple times that you DIDN’T think the US model would look that different from the JDM variant. So which is it Vince?

  15. Looks like a sumo wrestler sat on it. And couldn’t Toyota find a better design to copy than the Civic?

  16. I actually said: “maybe, just maybe, the US sedan will be better looking.”
    I’m just hoping…

  17. I wish that turns out to be one of the new corolla’s..btw…by its sheer size, would it not get into the camry’s area…

    corolla does not have to worry about the style…it still sells…just check our US May’s Car sales….the corolla sold an amazing over 41,000 cars in a single that should worry Honda about their civic

  18. Wow. People that are no more than 4’9″ tall will eat that new Corolla up. But those of us who live upright need more height to get in-and-out of a car. The next Elantra looks like a winner in the entryexit dept., and with Hyundai topping Toyota in the most recent JD Power Quality survey, fears of poor Hyundai resale will soon diminish.

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