New Ford Mondeo

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Just one more illustration.
But this one seems pretty realistic.

That car might turn out to be pretty boring after all…

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  1. If the illustration is accurate, the new Mondeo will be a pretty nice looking car, nicer than what’s been coming out of Asia lately. I’m not sure why you’d describe it as “boring”.

  2. Vince,

    Your expectations are too high on the Mondeo. I guess you are comparing the illustration to a concept that looked amazing. But I think it looks like a damn fine car regardless. It’s one that I’d buy if it were here in the States.

  3. Neil, you are right about my expectations…
    The car is actually fine. But I can’t help but thinking that it should still look more modern…

    Remember when we were kids, imagining cars that would come out in the 21st century….

  4. I like the heft to this car. Looks solid and probably safe. I wonder if Ford will use the three bodies again; 5-door, 4-door, and Estate.

    I’d buy one, especially the 5-door. Oh, right, I can’t. No Euro Focus and no Mondeo for us Yanks. Gee, that leaves me with a Fusion.

    Another consumer heads back to Honda or Toyota. [fade to black]

    The End

  5. If that rendering is what the real thing will look like, I’m not too happy. Almost another “Could have been…” from Ford. But then again, maybe their really saving the budget for quality control, because they desperately need it, and a decent futuristic interior similar to the ones in Iosis and Reflex.

    The upcoming Focus CMax looks pretty killer, and the same to the upcoming Smax, I’m not expecting it to be as radical as other vehicles in the current lineup, but at least revise the Green house and the rear end of the car.


  6. The GS, IS and M45 called…
    The M45 wants its C pillar back, and both the IS and GS want their front fascia styling back.

  7. “The upcoming Focus CMax looks pretty killer”

    the up and coming focus c-max was launched in 2004 you idiot.
    Also ford europe make great interiors and do not have quality problems.

  8. Anonymous said…

    “The GS, IS and M45 called…
    The M45 wants its C pillar back, and both the IS and GS want their front fascia styling back.”

    And the Camry wants it’s body back.

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