New Holden Commodore

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We won’t get this.
But the new Camaro and Impala will share this car’s platform.
And there are still rumors of a Buick version (maybe actually very close to this).

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  1. wow this car is huge, its like a Benz S-class, it would definitely sell in the US, maybe as a Cadillac, or caprice as mentioned

  2. yeah, change your heading for this car, its NOT the Commodore.

    This is the WM Statesman/Caprice.

    Also exported as Chevrolet Caprice, Buick Royaum and Daewoo Statesman

  3. This is the most significant Statesman ever. Note the rear doors: no longer shared with the short-wheelbase models, for the first time since the Statesman nameplate started in the 1970s! GM is getting serious with this, and it should do bloody well as the Chevrolet Caprice in the Middle East.
       Pity Chevrolet in the US can’t see this is closer to the idea of the Caprice than anything it currently turns out: a full-size sedan, over 5 m long, rear-wheel-drive, with a V8 up front.

  4. I always thought the regular Commodore would make an ideal Impala, with the Statesman filling the gap of the old Caprice. At least the full-size Holdens aren’t front-wheel-drive cars like the present Impala is.

  5. I remember seeing the Chevy Caprice in Dubai (UAE, middle east) when we didn’t even get them in North America. It would definietly sell here. GM: Big RWD cars are in, ppl downgrading from SUVs need somewhere to go.

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