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The Mazda 6 is being redesigned and this illustration shows us what it might look like.
Based on the same platform used for the Ford Fusion it will be a bit larger than the current model.

It is supposed to come out in 2007 as a 2008 model.

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  1. Heheheheeee! Vince, you’ve got this one all wrong! This is the ALL NEW MAZDA RED X. It’s a completely new model…not the 6. Where oh where do you get your information???

  2. This looks nice…maybe a little too much like the current 6. It does however follow the current Mazda styling theme that means injecting a little RX-8 into the ________ (insert any current Mazda model here) and then you get the new model!

  3. I like it very much, but I can’t really see much reason to buy it over the Fusion. The Ford might even be less expensive.

  4. hmm.. so you put the cx-9 front end on the mazda 6 and call it a new model… ghetto. cx-9 front end looks better on the mazda 6 though. i like it either way.

  5. If the present Ford Fusion is based on the Mazda 6 platform, and the new Mazda 6 is based on the Ford Fusion platform, then isn’t the new Mazda 6 just the old Mazda 6 with a new body?

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