new Toyota Estima/Previa hybrid

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The Estima in Japan, Previa in Europe will get a Hybrid version later this month.
You can tell the Hybrid from a new front end with a different grille design.
And the “Hybrid” logo on the side.
The powertrain uses a 2.4 Liter engine with the electric motor.
That sounds very much like what they use in our Camry Hybrid.

I think a good looking minivan that can carry 7 and get over 30mpg would be a great idea in the US as well.
Our Sienna minivan is getting old and as boring looking as ever.
The Previa would be a cool idea. And the hybrid would be great.

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  1. I thought they would changed the styling more then that, but its still a good people mover, only if they have a V6 hybrid for these FWD cars. I doubt itll go outside of Japan though unless imported by an individual.

    The Estima is smaller then the Sienna in length and width, so i doubt itll replace it.

  2. A hybrid Estima has been on sale in Japan for several years. We saw one three or four years ago in a Toyota showroom in Tokyo. As I recall it even had AWD with more like the Highlander drivetrain system….and rated over 30 mpg, by the way.

  3. This design looks so much fresher than the Sienna we have here, why didnt they just extend this van a bit, and bring it here, instead of making the sienna? it would save on development costs, and on production

  4. Except for the dramatic front-end that continues with the Toyota ugly swoopy headlamp theme, it’s a pretty staid design. A hybrid minivan would sell like crazy though.

  5. what!? our current sienna is too old? it had a complete makeover in 2004 model year. however i do think a hybrid version of the people carrier would sell well given today’s fuel price. i would definitely buy one if real world mpg is around 33-37. my current ’05 sienna only gets around 25 in town.

  6. minivans are getting too big in the states. example: a ford econoline van is 212 inches long while a nissan quest MPV is 204, and a toyota sienna MPV is 200 (only a foot shorter). no wonder people buy SUVs instead. so even if toyota brought over a previa to the states without a hybird system, it would probably get excellent MPG anyway, reguardless of whats under the bonnet.

  7. The Sienna is Fugly, and the Estima is just plain nasty. God damn.. nasty. The Odyssey has a sexy front, but like everything else Honda.. a nasty ass. The Hyundai/Kia van.. Actually looks quite nice!

  8. If they could still build them in Japan, and export them to the U.S. without overly inflating the suggested retail price, it would be a great choice for American Families!!! Unfortunately the Yen is worth more than the American Dollar which is why Asian companies build the cheaper stuff here and in Canada for the dumb Americans, who can’t tell the difference between the build quality!!!!

  9. This car is looking great with a classy looks ,elongated size and eagle-eyed headlights but there is a latest car in the market which is Ertiga and it was recently unveiled by Maruti Suzuki India at the 11th Auto Expo and now this largest carmaker of the country is all geared up for the launch on 12th April 2012 in New Delhi. Ertiga is expected to fall in the price bracket of Rs. 7- Rs 9 lakh and is said to be competing neck-to-neck with the segment best selling cars Toyota Innova and Mahindra Xylo.

  10. The current Sienna’s 2004 redesign fell short of the Odyssey in my opinion, hence why I bought an Odyssey instead. The Estima/Previa is actually about the same size as the Sienna…I have seen one; there is a smaller Toyota Estima with a sub name that I can;t recall right now. And oh yes, Toyota would sell a crap load, hybrid or not. See the link below for pictures…

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