Nissan Murano GT-C Concept

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Anyone for a 350 Turbo Murano???

Nissan claims they might make it if there is enough demand.

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  1. is there even a buzz for the murano i dont see that many of those…….i guess mazda is influencing nissan also

  2. Muranos are HOTTTTTTT. With that engine, it would become a 350Z with a backpack. Talk about total versitility. I still prefer the look of the FX, though. Nissan is really paying attention to the ‘athlete’ in all of us. We neeeeeed speeeeeeeed!

  3. What so concept about that?
    That sh*t looks so blend. All it looks like is a Murano with some big wheels, that’s it! nothing more.

  4. 350hp is overkill for the Murano. The standard 250 hp is more than plenty.

    They’d have to change the transmission because the CVT is probably not rated to handle the increased torque.

    I do like the subdued grill. The cheesy fake chrome is the one thing I don’t love about my “Mo”.

    To whoever said they don’t see many of them: where do you live? Murano has exceeded all Nissan sales expectations, and sales have actually increased as the design ages.

  5. Nissan is starting to lose it I think …

    Their sales worldwide are dropping, many of their most important and top models are languishing, they have lots of talented people in the US quitting, mainly due to the HQ move …

    and instead of focusing on the problems at hand, Nissan is thinking up ideas like this.

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