Opel Corsa 5 door

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Not as aggressive as the 3 door version. But still pretty nice.
This would make a great small Saturn to compete with the “Yaris/Fit crowd”…

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  1. Interesting. Just when you think GM is a lost cause, things happen. First Cadillac starts building luxury cars that are actually really competitive against other luxury cars. Then Chevy updates the ugly duckling Impala so that now it’s one of the most attractive mid-sized sedans available. Behold, Pontiac launches a sporty roadster that’s damned sexy, and they also intend on actually making their performance-oriented cars… RWD! And now we have Saturn… known for building Tupperware-clad cars, actually providing euro-sporty vehicles to the masses in this country.

    I tell ya, this is madness! Something is in the water at GM. They need to bottle the stuff, because it’s a good thing.

  2. i doubt these great gm cars will ever cross the pond. there are so many great little runabouts in europe from gm but somehow the management does not seem to think we americans would want them. that is a shame!

  3. Interesting. Last time I checked, GM was bringing the Astra to our shores and turing Saturn into an American branch of Opel.

    It seems as though GM thinks we do want smaller vehicles.

    Do some research.

  4. Pity Australia replaced the Euro Barina with a Daewoo Kalo rebadge. This would have been awesome over here but expensive.

  5. call me crazy, but i think that the vauxhall “V” grille will somehow give the front end a completely new loook.

  6. Dear GM.. please bring this great little car to the North American market! Even if the rest of you SUV guzzling American’s won’t buy it.. I WILL!

    Besides, i beleive they have the last version of this car in South America. That means you can simply throw more on a boat and send them north instead or cheapening them out for maximum profit like the rest of the detroit junk.

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